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Flora and Fauna

I was having one of those “Ugggh, I should not have gotten out of bed” days and I figured maybe I could try turning frustration into creativity. It didn’t work out exactly as I wanted: in the progress 2 jars of pigment hit the floor (covering EVERYTHING in a thin layer of sparkly green and bronze) and my mascara alsmost wounded me severely.
But in the end I managed to get something out of it that I’m pretty happy about.

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Outfit: Pussy DeLuxe Prima Cherry dress

I was browsing our Dutch variation of e-bay again and I ran into the cutest dress from German brand Pussy DeLuxe.

Usually the products from Pussy DeLuxe don’t really “do it” for me. Sometimes I like the design but when I do, usually the print is just too bright and other times I like the print but the style of clothing just isn’t right for me. Long story short: I love everything about this dress.
And I bought it for only 10 euro’s, while originally it’s about 55 euro’s. Score!

I think the cherry flower print is so cute and the fact that this dress is mainly red with black makes it right up my alley. The geisha-like sleeves just top it all off. 🙂

At the back the red bow ties together. I’m not sure if I need to take the length in a bit, I think I’ll keep it this way because it’s a nice change to most of the dresses I own that are either shorter or longer.

Naturally I had to combine this with a red hairflower, a red holographic pendant that I made myself and I wanted to wear it with bare legs but that was just a little too cold. I think this dress will be perfect for summer!

What do you think? Do you own any Pussy DeLuxe clothing?

Sunset in Mecca

This day (19th of april) my love and I are together for 9,5 years, woohoo!!!!!!
I’m not one to publicly start slobbering on him, I personally think it’s a bit jucky to drool all over him on every other occasion. But let’s say he still makes me the happiest girl in the world. I just could not let the occasion pass without saying a word about it. I’m not going to linger on the subject very long but hey, 9,5 years is a long time! Before this relationship, the longest one I had was about 3 months. Men just could not hold my attention for a very long time.
It feels like only yesterday I got off the train and I looked in his eyes and… there I was, staring into my future. Little did I know: today we own a house, 2 cats and we have a great life together which I enjoy every. Single. Day. He makes me smile when I think I can only cry, he gives me butterflies with just a smile or a touch and I just feel a bit incomplete when he’s not around.
He’s simply the best man I could wish for.
The luuuuuurve.

See? This is the kind of blogpost I hate. Oh no, I did it too!!!

I love him with all my heart. Aorta, atriums and all the other stuff

I love him with all my heart. Aorta, atriums and all the other stuff

Luckily there’s also some makeup in this blogpost so it’s not all about the loveydovey stuff.

So, on to make-up related things: I saw a look on the facebook page that I really liked. However, it was heavily photoshopped and I thought the was a crying shame. I think photoshop can improve minor flaws but if you start to blur the biggest part of the look, it’s not about the makeup anymore.

Anyway, the look I took the inspiration from had a lot of brown in it and I used mainly reds and purples. And since I added the pointy detail in the inner corner, it reminded me a bit of arabic looks I’ve seen. And of a sunset. Hence the name…

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Review: Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream

I don’t do a lot of reviews but I’m thinking about doing it a bit more often. I got a lot of (new) products from Catrice, Essence and Kruidvat and I know a lot of people enjoy reading them so I figured it would be nice to do for a change.

I wanted to start of with this new lip product from Essence. I love matte lipsticks so I had my eye on this product the moment I saw the promopictures. And it comes in this insanely vibrant red called Silky Red, among three others, so it basically screamed my name.

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Smokey Rose

I wanted to do a look inspired by Blix because she did a beautiful look that was quite natural with mauve and purple colours. s usual my version turned out completely different because half way through I thought a smokey eye would look nice too, lol.

Anyway, it’s a bit different from my normal looks because it’s with a nude lip and lipgloss and natural colours.

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