A little update and a video that made me cry

For some time I’ve been thinking about where I want to go with my blog. I still love makeup but I don’t like the gaps of weeks that I sometimes leave. I could work harder at my blog, sure. But like I said before: I have a fulltime job and a busy private life and sometimes I just don’t feel like blogging. Call me lazy, call me a bad blogger (some have) but hey, that’s just me and I’m actually ok with that. 🙂
It took me some time to go from guilty about feeling like I failed at the blog thingy, to being ok with not updating for some time. But that’s where I’m at now and it feels nice not having to race to our computer when I have some time to do… absolutely nothing. 🙂

The other day I ran into this video and I just loved it. I shared it on Facebook but I think you guys might like it too. And I think I might do this more often, just little updates with something that moved me or made me laugh. Maybe even the occasional rant or something. Let’s see how that works out.

This video caught my attention and I love the introduction the brother does, the moment he chokes up was the moment I started crying and I didn’t stop until the video ended. I hope you like it too. I’m a big softy for emo stuff like this, lol.

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