I was at our drugstore Kruidvat’s event

For years now I’ve been in contact with the lovely people from our local drugstore, Kruidvat. They invite me to their events where they launch their new products and boy, do they know how to organise a good launch. I have some pictures from Kruidvat and Wendy because my camera failed… at home! So I have to rely on other people’s pictures but I had such a great time so I still want to write about it.

The event was called “Feel at home” and they had rented a luxurious house and stashed it full with new products.
We all had a chance to walk around and see the new products that will be in stores soon. But as we entered the house we first got a lovely glass of champagne and a goodiebag that we got to fill with products, how generous is that?? Later on when we got to the kitchen part they also had some fabulous looking bites, ready for us to sink our teeth in.

I’ve been pondering whether people would care about our local products if they live in other countries and can’t get the products. But then again: I always like to see what’s available in the world too, so I think I won’t be the only one.

To start off: Kruidvat is bringing out a lot of new beauty products  but also clothing! More Anne Rolfi products (a line of underwear and basic longsleeves, stuff like that) but soon they will also sell cardigans, tops, skirts, bags and accessories! And not the “it looks so cheap it just falls apart” kind of stuff, it really looks decent and lovely and won’t be very expensive.

Kruidvat has some really great shower and bath products and I always have a jar of their lavender sea salt scrubs in our shower, you can see that one in the box on the picture, it’s a present box with a shower puff and  shower gel: cute!
They added 2 more fragrances: Spa and Hammam and those smell delightful. They couldn’t give us these products to take with us yet so they’ll send them as soon as they have the official products. Ill review some of those soon too because they are really worth the effort.

And every time Kruidvat sends us some products they send us some sunscreen. I love sunscreen and go through more than one bottle a summer so I’m always happy to get those.
My favourite is one that’s transparent and has a pump on it so you can just spray the sunscreen all over yourself. That way I can get it evenly on my skin and I love the transparent stuff because white sunscreen always leaves a white layer on my skin and I hate that. But I haven’t tried all of their sunscreen products and I really want to try this walnut oil some day. Maybe I get to review it when it’s summer. 🙂

The Pure & Nature line from Kruidvat has been a hit for some time now. And they will add more products like Cranberry and Argan Oil day and night cream and Cleansing Lotion and Tonic. I took both creams home with me so a review about that later. That packaging looks great!

What always strikes me is how involved the people from Kruidvat are when it comes to pleasing the costumer. About a year ago they launched a range of perfumes that don’t cost a lot but also don’t smell or look cheap, because real perfumers have been involved in the process of making these perfumes. This year they are adding more: 2 new men’s fragrances (€7,99), 2 new women’s fragrances (also 7,99) and soon they will even sell smaller sprays to put in your bag! Those will only cost €3,49.
And they smell fabulous, I got to take the purple home with me and I really like it, very spicy.

Of course I also wanted to see the new Essence and Catrice products. And I was not the only one because all the blog ladies could hardly be beaten away from the makeup with a stick. So I didn’t get to see that much. But I did get to see some new polishes and gelliners and mascara’s and what I saw, I liked a lot.
I might get some products sent to me but I think I’ll run by our local Kruidvat soon to see if I can buy some of it and review it.

The big surprise for me was a  brush roll we got with 7 brushes. They had these rolls made especially for the event so they won’t be available in stores but we told them it might be very smart to also start selling the brush rolls too. There are no affordable brands out here that have nice products like these and I definitely think they will sell. They said they would give it another thought so let’s hope they are still going to sell them anyway! The 7 brushes together will cost about 30 euro’s, so that’s a bargain. And finally: a drugstore that sells a brush cleanser!! I’ll review these products soon because I didn’t get a good picture of them at the event.

I was planning on getting this blogpost out WAY sooner but I got a really bad flu and I’ve been down with a fever for about 6 days now. So I hope you still liked the pictures and I’ll start reviewing some of these products soon. I hope you understand that this blogpost isn’t as detailed as I’d like it to be, a lot of the information I got, got trapped in the fog in my head. And I’m also lacking a lot of energy. But hey, at least I got it done. 🙂

Thanks so much to the amazing people of Kruidvat for organizing this fantastic event and letting me use some of their pictures. And thanks to Wendy for also letting me use her pictures.


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  1. Hope you’re feeling much better now.
    Thanks for this post as I’ve come to know you as an honest reviewer.

  2. Leuk om je eens ontmoet te hebben bij ‘t event (of nou ja, ervoor haha). En mooie foto’s heb je gemaakt! Vond het event ook heel leuk en inspirerend 🙂

  3. what a fab looking event. from a drugstore?! our drugstores here is US apparently suck!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Looks like it was awesome event. I’m really disappointed in my drugstores right now. A LOT! lucky girl!!!!! ^_^

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