I got me some Christmas berries

One of my favourite webshops Enchantra had a big sale. You probably all know I have a serious weak spot for sales, right? And I have the same weakness for Sleek. So you can probably imagine the happy jump I did when I found out some of the Sleek products I was still after were on sale. Including this Limited Edition Berry collection!

At the time this collection hit the stores I had myself convinced I didn’t really need it. But now it didn’t cost the original 12 euro’s but only a whopping 5 euro’s! Some things are just too good to pass by, so I ordered it together with some other stuff I’ll review later.

When I first opened the packaging it looked like the eyepencil was gone. Later when I unwrapped everything it turned out the little rascal was hiding under the cardboard. I almost threw it out! It was really pretty stuck in there so I’m happy I did another search for it. I had emailed the people from Enchantra about it and they’d almost sent me another eye pencil but luckily there was no need for that. 🙂

The package includes a lipstick, an eyepencil and a blush. I actually bought this package for the blush because I adore Sleek blushes. With this sale the blush was even cheaper than they normally are. And I got 2 more products. 😀

The products in this collection are all Berry coloured but that’s pretty obvous with a name like The Berry Collection.

I was wondering how berry coloured eye pencil (Mossberry) would look on me. I don’t think it’s the most wearable colours of all eye pencil colours but it’s also nice they do something different.

However, the pencil is pretty hard and it doesn’t give off that much colour. I had to go over my skin pretty hard and a lot of times to get a good colour pay off. I don’t this will become my favourite product very soon.

Mossberry Eye Pencil swatch from the Sleek Berry Collection

I love dark lipsticks and this one even turns out to be matte, yay!! I really like matte lipsticks because they wear a little longer and don’t smudge as much as most creamy lipsticks do. This one is really gorgeous in the colour Cranberry. But I did notice I really have to moisturize my lips before I use this lipstick because with dry lips it looks terrible and it also doesn’t apply very well. But if you use some lipbalm before and bite off the excess right before you apply it, it’s really beautiful.

Cranberry lipstick swatch from the Sleek Berry Collection

And last but not least: blush!! This colour is called Fenberry and it’s a stunning brownish red. Like all Sleek blushes it’s insanely pigmented

Fenberry blush swatches from the Sleek Berry Collection

This blush is awesome and I’m so very happy with it. And I’m also really hppy with the other products but I do still need to figure out how I can use them and really make it look good. And I think the eye pencil might also work well als a lipliner so I’m going to give that a try.

If you want to score some cheap goodies you can still check out the sale on the Enchantra website because some stuff has a really great price now. I also got myself a Blush by 3 palette from Sleek. I’ll review ans swatch that later. What do you think of these products? Which colour do you like most?


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  1. Must Have Boxes

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, but the products look great!

    – KW

  2. Please use these products for one of your stunning looks!

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