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Acid silver

I was in the mood for green zo I wanted to do another look. I’ve been doing those a lot less lately, simply because I just spend a lot of time on other stuff. First I was going for green and gold but every time I use gold I go for Goldilux and I felt like doing something with more cool toned colours, so I grabbed a silver pigment from Gosh this time.

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Funky blues

I made this look some time ago and I wanted to put the blogpost together in my nightshifts. But apparently the browsers in old computers at my work can get so terrible crappy that WordPress simply refused to cooperate. After nightshifts I was completely beat up and needed all my energy for simple life stuff. So the blog thing just had to wait.

I might even have quiet times like this more often because lately my heart isn’t entirely into makeup. I’m just struggling with this winter depression thing and even though it’s not as bad as it used to be the previous years, I like to focus on other things right now.
Enough blabla, here’s the look I came up with.

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Pinskull dress

About a year ago I started to work on this dress but somehow never finished it. So I decided to do that first and after that start working on some other stuff.
I really love the skull fabric but it has no stretch in it at all, so I combined it with some stretchy pinstripe fabric and some plain black stuff and I think it worked out nice together.


You know about my love for maxidresses by now, right? I did it again, lol.


I’m really happy with it and I think I’m going to make a pinstripe bolero with it soon, maybe with shirt and long sleeves because I still have a huge roll of pinstripe fabric, might as well put it to good use, right?

What do you think? Would you wear a dress like this? And if you have any suggestions for a bolero or something I’d love to hear it!

Red and blue star clusters

I thought about doing something with my Universe series again so I picked out a picture that I really liked, got my glitterliners out and had some fun with it.

Here’s the picture I took as inspiration. This time the look came out a bit different from the inspiration but I just love glitter so I like it anyway.

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I got me some Christmas berries

One of my favourite webshops Enchantra had a big sale. You probably all know I have a serious weak spot for sales, right? And I have the same weakness for Sleek. So you can probably imagine the happy jump I did when I found out some of the Sleek products I was still after were on sale. Including this Limited Edition Berry collection!

At the time this collection hit the stores I had myself convinced I didn’t really need it. But now it didn’t cost the original 12 euro’s but only a whopping 5 euro’s! Some things are just too good to pass by, so I ordered it together with some other stuff I’ll review later.

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