Pinterest find: Egg Muffins

Some time ago I found a recipe for Egg Muffins on Pinterest. Apparently they’re really healthy, a good breakfast and they fit into almost every diet. I’m not on a diet but I do like healty food and I love to try out new things. So I got some veggies together and baked me some egg muffins by this recipe.

Egg Muffins from Pinterest, click image to go to the pin

First I got some ingredienst. I used some stuff I had left over in the fridge like a jar of pies we were never going to use (pies out a jar, jugh. Why did I ever buy that?) some red pepper, an onion and some cheese. I used “normal” cheese and Cheddar cheese and I highly recommend using the cheddar, gives the muffins a lot more flavour! Last minute I also added some walnuts which I thought tasted pretty good so any kind of nuts also works. And I added some bacon. That’s probably not a good idea when you’re on a diet but there’s good alternatives for that.

I had actually mixed the eggs and the veggies together and then put the stuff in the muffin pans but that doesn’t work as well as the original recipe. The recipe actually said you mix the veggies and then add some clutched egg until it reaches the top of the veggies but I got stubborn. I shouldn’t have because mixing the veggies and eggs and then filling the muffin pans because with the last pans there’s almost no egg left. So just do it the way they described in the original recipe. 😀

I baked the muffins at 180 degrees Celsius and for about 25 minutes and they’re actually better if they’ve cooled down a bit. I was surprised ad how good they taste! However, they do feel a bit greasy and I haven’t been able to find a solution for that. But other than that: really jummy!
And the perfect fast breakfast, just pop them in the microwave for about 2-0 to 30 seconds if you don’t like them really cold. You can keep them in your fridge for about a week but I also put them in the freezer and just took them out the day before I wanted to eat them and that worked ok too.
Since it’s only veggies and egg I do think it’s pretty healthy. I’m definitely going to make these more often. 😀

Have you ever made any of the recipes you find on Pinterest? And have you ever made Egg Muffins or are you going to try it?


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  1. It requires a bit of chopping, but I guess it’s easy enough- so I’ll give it a try:)

  2. Sounds good! I’m going to try this soon!

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