Lime Crime Mint To Be… mintygreen lips?

I told you some time ago about my Secret Twitter Santa package, Michele had totally spoiled me with her gifts but she also added a lot of products she never used and it was up to me to see if I could use them, so sweet of her!

The product that instantly caught my eye was this one.

Lime Crime lipstick!!!

Well, if you read the title you probably already know what colour it is…

Can you believe I actually really wanted this product? I think it’s such an awesome colour and I think I’m going to have fun with some extreme looks with this baby. 😀

I don’t know what genius made this up but it’s not the first colour that comes to my mind when you think “hmm, what colour lipstick should we do today?”. But maybe not the most popular product in the Lime Crime range since mint doesn’t really suit everybody.

I made some swatches, please excuse my lips, they’re a bit dry and with this lipstick ir really shows. But still, mintgreen lips, love it!!

Lime Crime Mint To Be Swatch

Lime Crime, Mint To Be… mintygreen lips OMG!!

Lime Crime Mint To Be lipstick

I’ll definitely do some liplooks with his with glitter and such, I think that’ll look so cool. But I need some serious scrubbing first. 😉

What do you think? Would you wear this? Ever? And uhmm, what would you pair it with? Wearing this made me think of Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games, this is really something she would wear!
Anyway, just let me know what you think of this in the comments 😀


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  1. i would wear it 😀 may as well, totally cool

  2. Wauw, dat is eens wat anders!

  3. Wat een mooie kleur ik zou hem ook wel dragen ik heb zelf de blauwe van lime crime ook z’n mooie kleur ❤ it!

  4. ice ice princess! fun – I like it:)

  5. Not for me, but I’m quite sure you’ll get away with this rather peculiar colour- for a lipstick.

  6. I have it and I wear it! It´s just fun… I used it on some clients for shootings, it´s so different that everybody loves it somehow 🙂

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