A new Christmas/New Years eve dress, I’m on a roll!

I have a problem, I think I’m getting addicted to Pinterest! I keep finding all these great clothes and recipes there and I just keep adding more and more to my boards.
I found some pictures of underbust dresses some time ago and I love the idea! So I decided to make a dress that had the underbust style and the pulled up detail like these dresses.


I found this wine red fabric I still had and it’s a gorgeous kind of taffeta. But taffeta is usually not that thick and non stretch, this fabric has both those qualities!
Here’s the end result. Oh, and NEW SHOES!!! 😀



I wear the dress pulled up but you can also wear it down, like this.


What do you think looks best, up or down? I like it best pulled up. I’m really happy with this dress, I also wore it at the party we had with friends in Alkmaar and got loads of compliments on it. I showed it to my grandmother (who used to make clothes) and she was impressed so that made me pretty proud 😀

Did you celebrate new years eve? I hope everybody was safe and I wish you all a great 2013. Let’s hope this is going to be a good year for everybody.

Let me know how you spend your New Years eve in the comments. And what do you think of my new dress? 😉

Let me know what

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  1. pfff wat kun jij toch goed naaien!

  2. Such a lovely dress- you’re a wonderful seamstress.
    I spent New Year’s Eve as a couch potato right next to the dog:)

  3. Ik vind hem opgetrokken ook het mooiste, ik houd van speelse plooien. ^^ Erg knap dat je dat kunt!

  4. Mina Holliday

    I love it! Especially the colour!

  5. Ik vind het ook mooier omhoog. Maar wat een gave jurk zeg! Ik was in België met oudejaarsavond, omdat we de dag er op naar Disneyland Parijs gingen! Het was zooo gaaf!

  6. I love, love, love the lower part of the dress (pinned up, definitely!!), but I find the top part with the collar, full back and long sleeves turn what should have been a fun and sexy look into something kind of frumpy. I also really love those shoes!!

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