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Pinterest find: Egg Muffins

Some time ago I found a recipe for Egg Muffins on Pinterest. Apparently they’re really healthy, a good breakfast and they fit into almost every diet. I’m not on a diet but I do like healty food and I love to try out new things. So I got some veggies together and baked me some egg muffins by this recipe.

Egg Muffins from Pinterest, click image to go to the pin

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Sparkling falsies

I know my blog has been a bit quiet lately. I’m not feeling great, stress at work and stuff like that. So I might have some more gaps in updating but please just follow my Facebook page or Bloglovin so you can always see new updates.

My skin has been calming down a lot lately and I thought it was about time I cracked open the sparkles again.
So I got some of my favourite Sugarpill eyeshadows and workd out a look I’ve had in mind for some time. It was inspired by *this look* from Gina the Makeup Artist. But I used different colours and lots of sparkles.
I needed a good glitterfix after all those weeks of barely using any glitter at all.

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Looking for gold in a wood of roses

I thought it was about time to start trying the makeup thing again. My eyes have been behaving very well with just eyeshadow (no base, so creasapalooza) and eyeliner and I really wanted to use my new Gosh Rosewood eyeshadow, I got it from Michelle in my Secret Twitter Santa package as one of the products she wasn’t using.
Rosewood is a beautiful brownish red colour and I wanted to combine it with more Gosh Effect Powders so I took Gold Dust and Plummy. It isn’t my favourite look in the world but I like it anyway. Gosh Effect Powders kick butt!

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Golden Rose Scale Effect, which ones are the same?

When I was still blogging for Bloggin’ Beauties I did a blogpost about all the Golden Rose Scale Effect nailpolishes. That blogpost was very popular but now that we’ve taken Bloggin’ Beauties down permanently, I figured I could do another blogpost like it, just to help you make a choice between all the flakie goodness.

The thing is: Golden Rose has 15 different Scale Effect polishes which we also know as flake nail polishes. The first time I saw a flake nail polish it was Gosh Rainbow, but then I saw these from Golden Rose and I completely fell in love because are available in different colours! I got these from Enchantra and I’m still crazy about them. I think I can easily say these are my favourite topcoats of all time.

What I didn’t know was that some of the flakes are actually exactly the same but the polish they’re in has a slightly different colour. Because of the different polish colour a lot of people thing the effect will be different but sadly, it really isn’t. The colour of the polish is so sheer that it doesn’t add anything to the effect. So if you don’t want to buy the same polishes, just look at the swatches that I made and you can make a good decision of which ones you like most.

I swatched over black nailpolish because that’s how you can spot the colours of the flakes best.

Golden Rose Scale Effect nailpolishes

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Tutorial for the Autumn Leaves look

Some time ago I asked you to vote for your favourite look so I could make a tutorial for it. As I expected, most of you wanted to see a tutorial for the Autumn Leaves look. Hope you’ll like it!

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