Another year with Secret Twitter Santa!

This year I participated in Secret Twitter Santa again. It’s so much fun to do! I’ll explain again: you apply to get into Secret Twitter Santa and then you get added to an Elfster group. In this group they tell you for whom you will be shopping this year, it’s fun to shop for someone that doesn’t know who you are!
The person that you’re Secret Twitter Santa to makes a wishlist with specific items they want or sometimes they just describe what kind of products they would like to get.

My “victim” Kelly didn’t know what to put on her wishlist so she asked me to look at the stuff she described and just go wild with my 15 euro’s. Your wish is my command! 1,5 weeks before Christmas I send her my package and I also received a package from my Secret Twitter Santa in that week.

The Secret Twitter Santa package I received

The Secret Twitter Santa package I received

It’s really terrible but each time I looked at that box my hands started to itch to just rip the tape off and see what I got. PRESEEEEEEENTS!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, I’m 30 but when it comes to presents I’m just a little kid, lol.

I made a small Dutch blogpost for the Secret Twitter Santa blog and you can read that *here* but I’d like to show and tell what I think about the products a little more elaborate on my own blog. 😀

My Secret Santa had told me she had a lot of products left that she never used anymore or had hardly used and she asked me if I’d want her to put those products in the package as an extra.
Naturally I’d love to try new products but I didn’t expect her to put so much in the package! I’ll blog about it later and since I’m battling the “eczema from hell” (;) ) right now so I’m going to take it easy with new products but there’s a lot of cool stuff in there so thank you so much Michelle!


She put in this card with some text about what the extras are and revealing her identity.


How awesome, a really huge Candy Cane! There were other gifts in the box too and the cane was filled with a huge amount of golden stars and some presents crammed in there so it was a glitterfest to unpack. 😀

The official gifts made me a happy camper, let me show you…


First there were these jars… euh? They’re flowers. I thought it was funny and I don’t really know what to do with this yet but I’m going to think about it. Maybe do a fun extreme look built up around it but I thought these were just fun. She gave me (tiny) flowers 😆


I wrote on Elfster that I really liked false lashes and I found this baggy with lashes. This is a really nifty invention, it helps you to apply your lashes because you can put them in the little holder and apply them with it. I actually have one of these but a point broke which makes it a bit sharp on an edge off so I’m happy I have a new one 😀


How awesome are these lashes? Rainbow lashes FTW!!! I really need to think of a fun look with them. And I adore the feather lashes, so pretty! It’s going to be great to think of an extreme look with these. 😀



I think I’m going to make a habit of asking for a Sleek blush for Secret Twitter Santa. I got one last year and this year and that was my first one. I asked for this colour because I don’t see dark colours like this a lot and even though I’m not really dark skinned, I think this colour will look great if I apply it light. Sleek blushes are very intensely pigmented so a little goes a long way. I’m so happy with this one. 😀


This is a Chinese (I think? Let me know if it’s another language) product. At first I thought it was an eye primer and I was a bit shocked at how sticky it was but later I googled it and it turns out to be eyelash glue!
I wonder if Michelle secretly visited my house and just looked at the stuff I needed or maybe a Christmas elf whispered it in her ear because my Duo glue is almost empty and I needed to start looking for a new one. 😉
Supposedly this is an amazing glue if I can believe the reviews I saw online and it has this smart little brush to apply the glue. With the tube of Duo glue I always apply it with a little brush (or dotting tool) because otherwise I get blobs of glue all over the lashes and that makes you spill a lot of product. I really can’t wait to use this. 🙂

And maybe it could even work as a glitter base but I’ll have to see about that, right now I’m not using anything on my eyelids for a while so I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks. 😉


Woohoo, Essence Nail Art Toppers!
I asked for these because I love to use topcoats or glittery polishes like these on the pendants for Polished Beauties. And these are awesome, Disco Disco (the left one) is filled with different shapes of holographic glitters and all the pretty colours just come sparkling your way. And Copper’ize Me (at the right, obviously) is an orange/copper microglitter but it also has loads of other colours in it, it’s a total glitterfest and I saw this topper on black polish and it looked fan-tas-tic. I’ll swatch these over some different colours soon and show you it’s level of fabulousness.


I saw this nailpolish in the Enchantra webshop and I just knew I was going to love this one. It’s purple, it’s dark, it’s duochrome and it had to be mine some day. I’m so happy with this one. It’ll look great on a pendant I think but it’s going to glam up my nails most of all. 😀

These were my official presents for this years Secret Twitter Santa and I had a great time participating again. Thanks so much to Roxy for organising it and to Michelle for getting me these amazing products!
I’ll blog about these things fast and also blog about the extra’s I got from Michelle. What do you think of the products? Which one would you like to see in action first? Have you ever done anything like Secret Santa? Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. These are the perfect gifts for you. Well done, (Secret) Santa!

  2. Cool gifts! The little flowers would look great on some manicure 😀

  3. I wanna see the flowers in action, can you sew them to something? Kool!

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