Polishing up with Gosh

I received these Gosh nail polishes and I think they’re awesome. I already had all of them because I think Gosh polishes are usually great quality and some colours are truly unique. I’d like to show you these 3 colours. I also got a jar of Nail Glitter but didn’t get time to make pictures of that yet. I’ll do that later, promise!

The first one is not new, the other 2 are. But that’s ok because I hope they keep this black beauty for a long long time.

Gosh Nero nailpolish

Gosh Nero

I have about 7 different brands of black nail polish and the one from Gosh is my favourite because it’s very opaque, it actually covers in 1 coat but I usually do 2 thinner coats to make sure it’s completely covered.
It does get a bit goopy with time but that doesn’t bother me. Other than that there is not a lot to tell about this polish, it’s my go-to black polish.

When I saw Galaxy from Gosh on the promo pictures I just really needed to have it. I don’t really like brownish nailpolish but this is just such duochromy goodness that I could not resist. I believe this nailpolish is limited edition so if you like it you should try to get your hands on it now.

Gosh Galaxy nailpolish

Gosh Galaxy in the bottle

Gosh Galaxy

It’s one of the new polishes Gosh produced and I instantly wanted to have it when I saw it. It’s very sparkly, a bit duochrome because it’s slightly more pink toned when you look at it from a different angle (or on the sides of the swatch) and it has lot’s of different colours when you look at it up close but from afar it looks a bit more neutral. I think it’s stunning!

The polish-blogging-community did a little wave when Gosh announced that they would bring out Holographic again. I’ve had Holographic for years and it’s one of the most beautiful linear holographic nail polishes I own and it’s actually known for it’s holographic sparklyness. It’s also a little b*tch to apply but it’s worth the trouble.

Gosh Holographic Hero in the bottle

Gosh Holographic Hero, no flash

Gosh Holographic Hero, with flash

The new version is called Holographic Hero and it’s very close to the old Holographic. However, it’s not exactly the same because the holographic parts are slightly more chunky which makes the linear holographic effect a bit more scattered. I couldn’t find it myself but apparently Gosh stated on their Facebook page:

“The nail polish is thicker due to evaporation of the solvents used in the formula. This will happen to all nail polishes during long time storage- the more the nail polish is used, the bigger chance for evaporation. An other factor is off cause if the bottle has been closed tightly after opening.

We can assure you that it is exactly the same formulation – 100% identical to the old version – why change a success???”

I have swatched both polishes next to each other to give you a good comparison. I don’t find the polish a lot thicker actually, it pretty much applies the same but it drags a little less, which is a good thing.
And even though both polishes are truly gorgeous and very strong holographic, there is a difference. I don’t mind that there is because sometimes true awesomeness just can not be replicated. 😉

Gosh Holographic vs. Gosh Holographic Hero. Spot the difference

However, when they say it is exactly the same and every blogger that swatches them next to each other sees a difference, I’m just wondering who they are trying to fool.
The difference in linear and more scattered holographic effect has nothing to do with evaporation because evaporation doesn’t affect the holographic glitters if you ask me. I checked with my love who is a science lab geek and he confirmed that. I’m not saying that proves it all because I don’t know science at all and he’s no expert in nailpolish. But as long as no one can explain me how an exact same formula can still look different (if you disagree, leave me a comment!), I’m sticking to my assumption that the formula is not 100% the same.
Sorry Gosh, you know I love you as a brand but I just don’t buy your story. 🙂

Anyway, it’s holographic, it’s limited edition and it’s gorgeous so if you don’t have Holographic and you do like holo polishes this is definitely a must-have.

Like I said above, a blogpost about the Nail Glitter will come later because I have not tried it yet. But what do you think of these polishes? Do you like or own any of them? And what do you think about the Holographic polishes, do you think the holo effect is different because of evaporation? Am I wrong? Could be… Just let me know in the comments!


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  1. I own all the polishes on the protographs. And yes, even I had noticed a slight difference:)

  2. I just tried the Nero (black) polish from Gosh. I’ve been consistently impressed by Gosh products – and the black polish was great!
    It went on streak-free with high shine and total opacity in 2 coats… and more over, came off like a DREAM with a bit of polish remover. I think it lasted 3-4 days before chipping (which is normal for me… I use my hands a lot I guess.)
    Shoppers only had 10-12 different colours of Gosh polish though – it’s cool to see all these other colours – does the holographic come off as easily as the black? I love/hate glitters…

    • The holographic comes of VERY easily, it’s the application that can give a few problems because it can go a bit streaky. Gosh has some really great polishes, too bad you can’t get that many in your country. 😦

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