DIY: Christmas tea bags

Some time ago I was browsing pinterest and I saw *these* heart shaped tea bags. I wanted to add something nice to my Secret Twitter Santa’s package and I found out she really likes tea, so I made her Christmas tea bags.

I made an Instagram picture of it and got some questions on how to do that, so I thought it would be nice to show it in some steps. It’s really very easy and it makes a nice homemade gift for those tea lovers out there, I think gifts you make yourself are a lot more personal and people always appreciate the effort.

Christmas tea bag

All you need is some apiece of paper, coffee filters, a sewing machine, some loose tea and paper or little cards. And patience.

First draw and cut the shape you want to make. I made christmas trees for this one but you can also do little hearts, stars, flowers, leaf clovers or whatever you want. I made mine pretty simple.

Then draw a light version of that shape on your coffee filter, make sure you have 2 filters on top of each other.

Then you need your sewing machine. You can also do this by hand but a machine is a lot faster. Sew the 2 layers of filter together.

Just for those who don;t have that much experience with a sewing machine, this is how you make sharp angles with your sewing machine: put the needle down through the paper and lift the foot, turn your paper in the direction you need, put the foot down again and sew on.

Make sure you leave a part of your design open to get the loose tea in the bag!

I used a spoon to keep the bag open and pour the tea in. For these tea bags I used special winter tea melange with cinnamon, orange and flavours like that.

After that you sew the open part of the tea bag shut.

When you’ve sewn the tea bag shut you can hang a little tag on them. I didn’t have a lot at home to work with so I used a Christmas card I had left. And tadaaaaa, done!

I really like these tea bags and I think I’m going to make these more often. What do you think? Yay or nay? Would you make something like this?

Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. Love it! I’m definetely going to make some!:D

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