Outfit: I got stripes. Around mah butt!

Usually when I show an outfit there’s a piece of clothing in it that I made myself, but not this time. This stuff was all bought and I wasn’t sure if I would show it because maybe it’s a bit boring to some. But hey, I had already made the pictures so why not show them. 🙂


I bought this skirt from a cheap store in the Netherlands called Action. it has horizontal stripes and I have to say I’m more of a fan of vertical stripes but somehow clothing with vertical stripes is hard to get. Why is that, anyway? Even Obelix knew that horizontal stripes do not do anything for your figure 😉

I bought the satin top online at a Dutch variation of e-bay and I have had it for many years but I still love it, I really like details like the lacing at the sides. It makes a simple piece of clothing so much more interesting. 😀

Do you ever buy clothes at Action or at really cheap stores? And do you ever buy clothes second had or online?
Let me know in the comments 😀


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  1. En waar heb je die geweldige leren tregging vandaan?

  2. I’ve never bought clothes at Action, but eBay is my favourite hunting ground for things I can’t find in the shops near me:)

  3. I buy all my leggings and pantyhose at Action because they are so awesome! They really last the longest and are super cheap. I really like those kind of skirts because they’re basic and can be combined with other things so easily.
    Lovely outfit. Really something I could wear:)

  4. 2nd hand all the time, 2 pair of jeans for 6.50 usd today in fact. That skirt rocks and I cant believe how hot you are….workout inspiration!!!!

  5. And your hair is lookin very pretty too!

  6. Jup! Love the termo leggings from action! Have bought some tanktops from action as well, and a super snuggly cardigan (it’s from the men’s department, but hey, for cocooning only! )

    I love browsing Marktplaats too for bargains.

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