The last additions to Polished Beauties

As you may know my friend Wendy and I started Polished Beauties some time ago. We’re making jewelry with some supplies and nailpolish and I’m really happy about the results, I’ve shown some of them *here*. And we’ve already sold some pieces too!

I made my last items some time ago and finally got a day off with sunshine so I could make nice pictures, I hope you like them.

Starry, starry night from Polished Beauties

Starry, Starry Night

I really love this one, and it got sold so fast! This is the really dark blue polish from the Breaking Dawn part 2 collection with a lovely glitter polish from Gosh on top. It made me think of the night sky.

Holo Moly from Polished Beauties

Holo Moly

This is one more with OPI Spotted. I’ve worn it on my nails once and I didn’t really care for it a lot. Maybe that’s also because it cracked and that’s not supposed to happen, I probably applied it wrong. But in these pendants I think the effect is so awesome! And you can not go wrong with a good holo, am I right?

Firecracker by Polished Beauties


This cutie is called Firecracker because it’s little but it has some fire in it. Litterally actually because this one was made with Max Factor Fire Fantasy, among others. 😉 And there it is again: OPI Spotted.
I think I’m getting addicted.

Pastel Skies

Pastel Skies

This one was a bit of an experiment, I wanted to try some gradient colours so I applied some of the pink glitter you see at the bottom of the pendant and spread them out. I think I could have taken the pink glitter more up to the middle but I still really like the result. Especially combined with the glittery awesomness that is Zoya Charla. 😀



This reminds me of christmas! It’s another combination of flakies and it’s just fun and bright. Flakies work so great with these pendants!

Emerald Iguana

Emerald Iguana

Another one that I wanted to make a little different. So I put a blob of holographic glitter in the middle and tried to gradiently work it out, some beautiful green as a base colour and voila… pretty colours 😀



A Thysanozoon is some kind of flatworm. I didn’t know about it’s existence before I named this pendant but it’s black with gold dots, very special! I didn’t have any gold colours in my pendants yet and I like how this combination worked out.

That’s it for now. I’m all out of supplies so we’ve ordered new stuff and when I’ve made new stuff I’ll do another blogpost about it.
What do you think of these pendants? Is there one in particular you like or maybe dislike? Please let me know (and why 😉 ) in the comments!


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  1. I love these!! ALL of them! If I had to pick one I’d pick Starry Starry Night merely because it would go with more of my clothes. But I’d also somehow find a way to get more!
    The Spotted ones are super amazing.

    Will need to look into this more. I’m in the US though. Shipping might hurt….
    These are seriously gorgeous!

  2. First 3 are my fav. The rest is beautyful too but those 3 really stand out.

  3. Love them! Will be ordering some lovelies shortly:)

  4. I want them all! Haha. The green one in particular is calling to me.

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