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Birthday girls have birthday outfits

A long time ago I saw a cute Vive Maria dress online. If I had all the money in the world, Vive Maria would be one of those brands that I would just buy everything from. But since I’m not made of money and that damn money tree in my garden just doesn’t seem to do anything. I figured I’d make something like it myself. I ended up wearing it on the 28th of december since that was my birthday.

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Another year with Secret Twitter Santa!

This year I participated in Secret Twitter Santa again. It’s so much fun to do! I’ll explain again: you apply to get into Secret Twitter Santa and then you get added to an Elfster group. In this group they tell you for whom you will be shopping this year, it’s fun to shop for someone that doesn’t know who you are!
The person that you’re Secret Twitter Santa to makes a wishlist with specific items they want or sometimes they just describe what kind of products they would like to get.

My “victim” Kelly didn’t know what to put on her wishlist so she asked me to look at the stuff she described and just go wild with my 15 euro’s. Your wish is my command! 1,5 weeks before Christmas I send her my package and I also received a package from my Secret Twitter Santa in that week.

The Secret Twitter Santa package I received

The Secret Twitter Santa package I received

It’s really terrible but each time I looked at that box my hands started to itch to just rip the tape off and see what I got. PRESEEEEEEENTS!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, I’m 30 but when it comes to presents I’m just a little kid, lol.

I made a small Dutch blogpost for the Secret Twitter Santa blog and you can read that *here* but I’d like to show and tell what I think about the products a little more elaborate on my own blog. 😀

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Polishing up with Gosh

I received these Gosh nail polishes and I think they’re awesome. I already had all of them because I think Gosh polishes are usually great quality and some colours are truly unique. I’d like to show you these 3 colours. I also got a jar of Nail Glitter but didn’t get time to make pictures of that yet. I’ll do that later, promise!

The first one is not new, the other 2 are. But that’s ok because I hope they keep this black beauty for a long long time.

Gosh Nero nailpolish

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Merry christmas and a little update

I just want to take some time to wish you all a Merry Christmas. It’s been a busy year and I’ve been working on this blog for more then a year now and I’m so thankful for you who read my blog. It’s great to see how many people come back every time there’s a blogpost. Thanks to everybody that has visited me in the past year.


A little update and what’s to come in the future: I don’t think I’ll have a lot of blogposts about looks in the upcoming weeks or even months because the eczema that I told you about some time ago has come back.
I might be allergic to…. wait for it… MAKE-UP! I’m going to try and figure out what product exactly I’m allergic to, could be the base of my eyeshadow or maybe even the eyeshadow itself, I just don’t know.

I’ve given it a lot of thought and I asked myself if I would stop blogging if I couldn’t do make-up anymore. Will I quit? Hell no!
But unfortunately right now it forces me to focus on other things then make-up. I’ve been very busy with sewing so I’ll make blogposts about that soon and maybe I’ll work on more other stuff like nailpolish, DIY stuff, food/recipes and things like that. Maybe there will be less updates or shorter ones but we’ll just have to see what the future brings.

Anyway, I hope you have great holidays and please be safe with all the fireworks on New Years Eve!

DIY: Christmas tea bags

Some time ago I was browsing pinterest and I saw *these* heart shaped tea bags. I wanted to add something nice to my Secret Twitter Santa’s package and I found out she really likes tea, so I made her Christmas tea bags.

I made an Instagram picture of it and got some questions on how to do that, so I thought it would be nice to show it in some steps. It’s really very easy and it makes a nice homemade gift for those tea lovers out there, I think gifts you make yourself are a lot more personal and people always appreciate the effort.

Christmas tea bag

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