A little unplanned hiatus

As you may have noticed I have not been updating a lot. I had some blogposts planned but I later found out some were not completely finished yet. I have to finish and schedule them later. I also don’t have the possibility to do looks in the upcoming week…
I used a kind of serum from my favourite drugstore Kruidvat and I guess my skin didn’t agree with it because it gave me a rash on my eyelids. My skin is very sensitive like that, I even got it from a MAC product once and got it before from other serums and creams and stuff too so it’s not the brands fault but I just have sensitive skin.

And my job has been a bit crazy lately, the company has to cut in budget due to some stupid decisions our government made and now half or our team has to be “moved” to other teams, I actually was very scared I had to get moved around too but luckily I still have my job… for now. But I do have to say goodbye to a lot of my colleagues and that’s given me a lot of stress so my mind just hasn’t been into blogging.

Next week I might have some time to write blogposts but I’m also working night shifts so you never know what’s going to happen. I’m not sure when I can finish anything and I just want to focus on some relaxing fun stuff right now because I feel I might get sucked into depressing thoughts if I don’t. 🙂 Let’s not go there, shall we?

So please forgive me for another hiatus but I hope to get back on track in about a week and a half or something.

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  1. good luck and take care of yourself! and that is one adorable kitty….:)

  2. Take care. Try to relax a bit and if you need more time, take it. No need to stress for this too ;). Xxx

  3. Will miss those amazing looks and fun posts. Of course I understand and look forward to your return!!!! Hope everything goes well and/or a lot better for you!

  4. Damn you Dutch government and budget cuts! 😦 Hope you feel better soon, take care!

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