Moon Maiden Jewelry, I haz them!

Some time ago I entered a giveaway from Blix, from Glitter Is My Crack. She was giving away a voucher for $50 to spend in her jewelry shop called Mon Maiden Jewelry. I have had my eye on her jewely for so long! Even before I was blogging I’ve had, what you can call, a little girl crush on Blix, lol.
She’s drop dead gorgeous but she also makes some amahahazing jewelry. Every single time she mentioned in her blogposts that she had made the blings I was just in awe. And drooling a bit too. Mostly about the jewelry, I might add. Because otherwise I come across as the creepy stalker girl, haha. No seriously, she’s awesome…

So when I entered this giveaway I didn’t expect a whole lot, as usual. Until she emailed me that I had won, headrush!!!
When I finally got to ordering and we had done some mailing I just had to wait. You should know that patience is not my strongest virtue. At all. But when my pretties finally arrived I was just so thrilled and I’d just like to show them off a bit. Maybe even get some of you to order from her because believe me when I tell you that her jewelry is worth every single penny.

I ordered 3 very different necklaces.

I wanted one of these black pendants. I have a lot of these kind of pendants and I always get a lot of compliments on them whenever I wear them. But I never had a black pendant and I really liked the image of this one. She has 14 different kinds of raven pendants so take your pick! I think it’s great that there’s more than one kind. The price includes a necklace, that’s also black so a perfect pair.

The second item I chose was a steampunk necklace. I’m getting more and more into the whole steampunk thing and I really liked this big pendant with the little gears ‘n stuff.
I don’t own anything like it and even though this is a bit “new” to me, I seriously fell in love with it, I’m thinking about making an entire outfit around it. Maybe even with little cogwheels, but I’m not sure yet how to do that and in what colours because I’m not a big fan of brown outfits. Anyway, it just goes to show how inspiring something “little” like a necklace can be. 😀

Last is my favourite item, the Owl necklace. I saw this in her shop and I knew that was going in my basket that very instant. Somehow it reminds me of Harry Potter. 😆 But I like all the loose parts like the wings and the head and the keys that come together as the owl. I wore it the same day that it came in and I think it’s magnificent.

I also really like the 3 different kinds of keys, I’ve always had a thing for pendants with keys in them.

You know how you can sometimes order stuff online that looks amazing on the picture but is just kinda flimsy when you finally have it in your hands? This is NOT ANYTHING like that, it’s great quality and I think I’m going to save some money for the future to order more. Jup, Blix has a new stalker happy customer and fan. 😀

Blix (I’m sorry, I know your name is Em/Emily but in my mind your name is always Blix 😀 ) wears a lot of big jewelry herself with a lot of loose parts, if you know what I mean. I hope she’s going to sell more pieces like this, and this, and this and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this. Oh did I mention I get greedy when I see great jewelry? 😉

So again, thank you to Blix for the fantastic prize and to all the other people: I totally recommend her webshop, and if you can’t figure everything out right away, just email her and she replies very fast and you’ll get your pretties as soon as possible.

What do you think of the necklaces I picked out? If you browse her online store, what products would you have picked out?
Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. I like the items you picked out!!
    Very nice!

  2. You picked out wonderful items! And I fell in love with the Moon Goddess Slave Bracelet:)

  3. They are all nice, I like how the head and the wings came together in the owl necklace :o)

  4. The owl with the keys is lovely! Everything owly is a total love for me though!:D

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