Rainbow Overdrive

I had just finished making *this* look when I thought of some lashes I have had in my drawer for ages. They’re completely over the top, there’s holographic tinsle in them and they’re huge. Love ’em!

So I spiced up the look with them and added some lashes on the bottom part too. It made me think of a doll because my eyes looked huge with all those lashes on them. It’s a bit of a weird combination so it’s kind of like a rainbow dolly…. on speed. Or something. lol.

Holographic things like nailpolish or the tinsle in these lashes always have a very hypnotizing effect on me. I basically turn into a drooling, staring idiot whenever things have rainbowcolours when they move. So these lashes were right up my street. 😀

See? Freaky doll look!

With glitter and holo-stuff I always make a couple of pictures in direct sunlight or with flash. I’m not a big fan of flash pictures because they tend to wash out colours but it also turns on the bling in glitter and holo. So here are just a few flash pictures to show you what I mean.

And just one more fullface. Don’t worry, it ends after this one. 😉

It’s too bad these lashes are so big they’re not really wearable. At least not when you want anybody to still take you seriously. Because these would look awesome in summer. Maybe I’ll trim them down, lol!

What do you think of this look? And would you wear these lashes somewhere other than a Halloween party?
Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oh I like it but the lashes give you a freaky doll look indeed!
    I would definetely wear those lashes anywhere else. My family already knows I’m insane so for a (christmas) visit wouldn’t be a problem;)

  2. wooow! gave look maar wel erg extreem!

  3. I really like seeing the sparkles when I move with glittery lashes as well 😀

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