More Polished Beauties!

Remember I told you about the jewelry project called Polished Beauties Wendy and I started? The days after we got started we’ve been working a lot on that. It’s so much fun to do and I’ve never done anything like this, creating jewelry like this. I love it!

So I thought I’d show some more pictures of what I have been making, to do a little shameless selfpromotion but also to just show you what I’ve been up to…

Happy Go Lucky

I had to make new pictures because in the first ones I used a black background and that didn’t look good in the upcoming webshop, so some pictures are of pendants you might have already seen. It’s ok, they’re still pretty. The sun was shining and with some pendants that really brought out the magic!

Unicorn Blood

I am really thrilled how this one worked out. It’s a combination of Fantasy Fire from Max Factor with a red holo from Jade, a Brazilian brand. Holo’s have some serious attraction to me, I can stare at it like an idiot with 2 braincells for minutes at a time. Pretty colooooouuuuurs!!!

Dragon’s Egg

I used flakes in this pendant (yes…. again) and that gives it that fantasy quality. But then there’s spots!
The moment I finished this pendant I knew it had to be names Dragon’s Egg. 😀


I made a lot of swatches on paper of the combinations of nailpolishes I wanted to make and this one really stood out. Doesn’t it remind you of the darker days of the year? It does to me. I think I’ll do this combination for myself again because it’s so stunning with the sparkles and the gold and green and…. Me likey 😀

Follow Your Dreams

This is a very small pendant and I like to cram as much sparkle and fun as I can onto such a little space. I think that worked out pretty well with this one.

Autumn Skies

I think orange and blue is a pretty unlikely combination. I wouldn’t have made it up. But in these flakes it really works. Maybe I should try it in a makeup look some day.

I have another blogpost coming up with more jewelry I made but I’m still working on that. We’ll probably have the website coming up pretty soon, it already looks great. Now let’s just hope people will want to buy them. 😉

Which pendant do you like best? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Unicorn Blood is so pretty! Please open your webshop soon:)

  2. These are gorgeous! It’s so hard to pick a favourite but I’ll go with Dragon’s Egg. Happy Go Lucky is a close second though!

  3. Wow, again! The Dragons Egg is so my alley, I´m going to order some necklace pieces and try it again! YAY!

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