Poll: vote for your favourite look!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a tutorial and I thought it would be nice to do another poll and let you vote again. The last time I did a poll has been months and you guys always know how to surprise me with the outcome. So bring it on!

I’ve selected a couple of looks that I either remember well enough to recreate or that got so many comments that I think you’d like to see it in a tutorial. I’ll show a picture of each look. If you click on the picture you go to the blogpost so you can see more pictures of it.

Forever Alice

Feelin’ Halloweeny

The Peacock Postulate

A poison weekender with a golden core

Autumn Leaves

Playing on Josi’s burnt grass

I hope you all vote for your favourite look, you can vote for 1 week and after that I’ll try to work on the tutorial as soon as possible.

And I’m just curious what you voted for, and why. So if you feel like it, could you let me know in the comments what look you voted for?


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  1. Heb voor Feeling Halloweeny gestemd, vind de contrast tussen licht en donker het mooiste. 😀 Al zou dat bij mij niet zo mooi uitpakken met mijn hooded eyelids, ben ik bang!

  2. They’re all so pretty so I’ll like the winner regardless.
    I voted for autumn leaves. I like the color combo 😊

  3. But isn’t this a bit like choosing your favourite child:)

  4. I chose autumn leaves because it looks so lovely and wearable and because I have colors like that already, if I owned any Sugarpill I might choose the Halloween one..

  5. i vote for A poison weekender with a
    golden core

  6. That’s so sweet but you’re a bit late, the votes went to Autumn Leaves and you can find the tutorial here: https://lisanneblogt.wordpress.com/2013/01/12/tutorial-for-the-autumn-leaves-look/ But if I can find any time I’ll try to do a tutorial for the look you just requested 🙂

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