Outfit: Purple snakeskin dress

I’ve made this dress a couple of months ago but I never made good pictures of it. But I still think it’s pretty awesome, most of all because of the print, so I made pictures the other day and even though it’s too cold to wear it right now, it’s still something I made and I’d just like to show it off a bit.


Oh and excuse the face, I didn’t feel like getting all kinds of makeup on for this and I was just wearing some purple lipstick so that matched it pretty good. 😉

This became my favourite piece of clothing in the past summer and I got loads of compliments on it. 😀 
It’s not the best fabric in the world because it’s pretty thin so I think this one won’t last for years and years. 😦 Oh well, that’s ok. I’ll just make something new. The fabric cost me about €10 (maybe less) so it’s not exactly the most expensive dress I’ve ever had.

What do you think? Would you wear something like this? What do you think of maxidresses? And that print, isn’t it awesome?

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  1. No full length dresses for me as I’m quite short- but they look smashing on you.

  2. Ooooh, thanks for sharing, the print is sexycool, love the maxi length too, I can’t believe you made it – it looks professional, great job!

  3. ik vind het prachtig, ik vind ook dat je talent hebt je zou daar eigenlijk nog meer mee moeten doen 😀 Ik weet zeker dat mensen het zouden kopen namelijk!

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