Spiderqueen for Halloween

In my last blogpost you could see a look I made with colours that reminded me of Halloween, like orange, black and a little gold and red. But after I made that look I thought I could add a little more to make it less wearable.
But more fun! And since today is officially Halloween I just thought this look could not go online on any other day.

Eventually I created a spiderqueen look… or something like it. See for yourself!

Aren’t these lashes the most awesome lashes in the world?
I saw them as I had already thought of the spidertheme and these are so much like spiderlegs, just perfect. And I used these before in a freaky look and this time I noticed again how easy these are to apply, compared to other lashes. The band is really flexible and they are not even that heavy. They do tickle my forehead though, lol.

Well, with a look like this you have to look a little evil and weird… right?

Look, I haz a funky hat!

Hat, feathers, fun, woohoo!

I got this hat from my mom some time ago and I thought it looked awesome, I loved it! But not something I would just wear on any given day. But for this it was so perfect. I think it looks so funny. 😀

And actually, I’m a bit scared of spiders…

I didn’t make that many close-up pictures of the look because I more wanted to show it as a whole. I loved doing this, it’s always so much fun to let your creativity take over and to not be limited because you want to keep it wearable or something.

Naturally when I’m half way through or done with looks like these, the doorbell rings and I was waiting for a package to arrive so I really had to open the door. I think Mr. Postman was a bit traumatised after delivering me that package… He mumbled something about the hat but I couldn’t quite understand what he said so let’s just assume he liked it, haha!

What do you think of this look? Please let me know in the comments!

Oh and… Happy Halloween!

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  1. This is incredible! It must have taken you ages! You have a really steady hand. Amazing lashes, too.

  2. Happy Halloween! Your look is stunning: love the lashes and the little spider 😉 Too bad us Dutchies don’t get to dress up today 😦

  3. wow heel erg gaaf!!!

  4. Loving it!!! Happy halloween :).

  5. You look scary- but a very good kind of scary:) Like a villainous Disney stepmother.

  6. Wat vreselijk goed!! Ik vind het afschuwelijk mooi!!!! Hoe kom je er in godsnaam op, echt heel bijzonder!

  7. Those lashes are amazing, wow!

  8. Badass! To scroll down and see the little spider dangling from his web was almost a shock, my first Halloween scare of the day! Amazing!!

  9. Beautiful! I love these colours! And the lashes… Yes, they are amazing 🙂

  10. OMGAH! So awesome! I love the lips..BAD ASS.

  11. Fantastic! Reminds me of my teen-goth years when I used to paint tiny spider hanging from my outer eye corner.

  12. jou looks zijn altijd erg mooi! Ook deze weer knap gedaan! De kleuren staan je erg mooi.

  13. Wow – that is really cool make-up!!!

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