Polished Beauties

Some time ago my friend Wendy mentioned to me that you can make all kinds of jewelry with nailpolish. I was intrigued because I love that kind of crafty stuff and I always like to make beautiful combinations of nailpolish with basecoats and topcoats and flakies and all that stuff.
So bring it on!

But you know how these things go, you think of something awesome and then stuff happends that you can’t control or it just drifts out of your mind and in the meantime the weeks turn into months. Wendy and I usually think of the same stuff in the same period of time so when I mentioned still wanting to order some supplies to still start making this jewelry, even though it was weeks ago that we had talked about it, she was also about to order. So we did that together and last week we got together with the pretty stuffies and started polishing our asses off.

I’ve been browsing our Dutch selling/auctioning websites and noticed that none of them sold these kind of nailpolish pendants or bracelets with nailpolish stuff so we decided to make some things for ourselves but also try to sell some things. You never know, maybe we’d hit a goldmine, maybe it wouldn’t work at all.
But even if it doesn’t work, at least we have some fun with it and we can still make some for ourselves or as presents for friends so it would in no case be throwing away money. 😀

I bought a lot of pendants because I almost always wear necklaces and not that many bracelets or something like that. We’ll also order rings in the future but for our first order we didn’t want to buy too much stuff.
We figured if we find out this is as much fun as we hoped it would be, we could always order more things and more variations. And we are probably going to make a little online webshop and see if this stuff sells. We met each other when we started working on our previous blog called Bloggin’ Beauties so we tried to make a twist with that name and came up with Polished Beauties. 😀 There’s a website in the making, in the future you can find us at www.polishedbeauties.nl and we also have a Facebook page!

Wendy got me OPI Spotted which wasn’t on my lord-I-really-need-this-polish-or-I-won’t-be-able-to-life-life-to-the-fullest-list but I thought the effect was pretty fabulous and it is AMAZING on the pendants. Now that I’ve seen it in action I’m just thrilled that I have it. YAY! 😀
And one of those few polishes that I really, really wanted to have: Fantasy Fire from Max Factor. Boy oh boy is this baby pretty.

I just want to show you what we have right now and in the future if I make special items, I’ll definitely blog about it and show some pictures. We won’t make jewelry on demand because we want it to be fun and see where this leads but I’m so happy about it. 😀

I really like this one, I have loads of polishes with flakies and those come in really handy right now! It gives this fabulous effect. 😀

This one is pretty special bevause it was made with one of the polishes from Lynnderella called Lucky Numbers which is hard to come by. And with OPI Extravagance, also not the most common of polishes, this became such a fun pendant. This one will go online to be sold soon. 😀

I also made some little pendants because the ones above are pretty big and a bit heavy. This tiny cuty is also a favourite of mine because it’s small but still very sparkly and it has flakies!

This one was made with a Zoya polish and it makes me think of grass. But magical because it sparkles, lol.

These were just some examples of what I’ve made so far but I’ll do more blogposts about this later. I hope you like what I did and I really hope you’ll like our Facebook page and maybe spread the word?

Please let me know what you think in the comments and also tell me what combinations you would like to wear, I’d love to know more about peoples preferences when it comes to flakies, glitters and sparkles but also just colours, what would you look for? Really bright colours or a little more toned down? Pinks, oranges and reds or maybe blues or green? I’d love to read what you have to say! 😀

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  1. This is stunning! This flakies are beautiful in it! I really love this kind of crafts too! I bought some rings and stones and soon I´m going to create some nailpolish rings 😀 So exited!

  2. Mooi! Waar heb je de supplies gekocht?

  3. I just saw the facebook page and got really excited!
    I love the pictures I have seen so far and I am definetely going to order something!:D

  4. Ermehgerd! Those turned out nicely! I like the flakies and iridescent colors, I say go bright and glowy so they look alive and magical..

  5. Oh and the delicate little silver ones are supa cool as far as the metal goes.

  6. Yes i’ve heard that to and then I saw a very crafted girl showing all kinds of rings she had mad using nailpolish!! Some people just amazes me and now you’re one of them!! This looks so beautiful and i promise a lot of peopla are gonna ask where you bought them haha/Azure

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