Eye Kandy glitters, let’s add some sparkle!

When I heard Enchantra was going to sell eyesafe glitters, I knew there was another order in my near future. Luckily my friend Bonny also wanted to order some and we figured we could just order them together and share the glittery goodness, that way they would be way more affordable and we could get some more different colours. So that’s what we did πŸ˜€

If you want to know what I think about these glitters and see swatches, just click the link to read the rest.

Glitter is one of those products that really had to grow on me. I didn’t really use it a lot and first used a tiny bit of glitterliner and these days I think glitter just has this magical attraction that I can not resist.

I couldn’t buy the glitterglue from Eye Kandy yet because it wasn’t available in the store when Bonny and I placed our order. But I’ll get to that soon because I do really feel I need something that’ll stick these little rascals to my eyelids properly. I’ve used the base of a glitterliner for a look now and even though that did work, I’d like to try some of the products that are actually made for this purpose. If all fails I’ll just prittstift them to my eyes or something. I don’t care, I need glitter looks!

Ahem, ok to the point. I’ll show you the glitters I have, swatches and I also added some pictures of the glitter that’s a bit unfocused, sometimes that shows the colours of the glitter better.

Berry Blast SF

Berry Blast SF swatch

Berry blast is a… you guessed it, berry blue glitter. It’s pretty much the same colour all over and the glitters are in the smallest grain size called SF, which stands for superfine. These are going to look great in green or bronzy looks. I’ll need to try that soon. I like the superfine grain too.

Cherry Bomb SF

Cherry Bomb SF swatch

This is such a stunning red glitter, so very vibrant and then there’s the glittery part. πŸ˜€
This is also in superfine and I think I’ll have a lot of fun using this one, could also be fun in dramatic looks on top of lipstick or something. πŸ˜€

Ginger Snap SF

Ginger Snap SF swatch

Somehow Bonny and I both really wanted a brown glitter and we ended up choosing Ginger Snap, it’s a nice warm brown and again in superfine.
I think I would have liked this one a little better if it would have been multicolour, maybe combined with more yellow glitter and something more red…ish. But a nice glitter anyway! I think these will go with almost any colour of eyeshadow. And since I’m in autumny moods lately, these fit that very well.

Licorice Stick SF

Licorice Stick SF swatch

This is one of those colours we could not pass by, the closest thing I think we could have picked next to black glitter. I didn’t see any black glitter in the store but if I do I’ll want those too.
These are a bit neutral actually, goes with anything but somehow it doesn’t have that enchanting effect on me that some of the other glitters have. Funny how my love for dark and black (or something close to it, at least closest from the bunch) somehow completely fails me this time. πŸ™‚

Sour Apple F

Sour Apple F swatch

Woohoo, mulicolour glitter! This is the biggest grain of glitter Eye Kandy has, called Fine. Somehow these colours remind me of spring. And considering it’s going to be a while before we get to that time of year again, these will have to have that effect on me for a while. Amazing colours and just… shiny!!! πŸ˜€

Spearmint SF

Spearmint SF swatch

I thought this glitter was one colour but when I look at it in the blurry picture it looks like there’s also green glitters in it, instead of just the tealish blue ones I thought I saw at first glance. I’m liking these more and more. Also Superfine and superpretty.

Twizzle Stick Sugar

Twizzle Stick Sugar swatch

These glitters are called Sugar because they’re translucent. The colour is more subtle than the other glitters and the colour you put underneath these glitters shows through. At first I thought these still looked pretty colourful to me, but I’ve used them on top of a grey eyeshadow and you could see that the glitters didn’t seem as purple as they do here and the colour eyeshadow really did come through. I really like these and I’d like some more Sugar glitters.

I bought these glitters at Enchantra and there’s a lot of different colours to choose from. And you can easily share them with a friend, if you don’t intent to wear these glitters every day. I fell in love with them though, and hope in some time I can pursuade Bonny to order some more colours with me.

What do you think of these colours? Do you use a lot of glitter in your makeup looks? Which glitters do you like most of the ones I’ve shown?
Please let me know in the comments:D

Blogpost with the Twizzle Stick glitters coming up in a couple of days!

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  1. Spearmint! Wow:D
    What gorgeous colours! The translucent glitter is also nice, it’s different:)

  2. These are amazing colours. I love Spearmint and Twizzle Stick the most. I love wearing glitter, but sometimes when I’m getting ready for work I don’t have the time.

  3. haha you can defenitly pursue me to buy some more πŸ˜‰

  4. Pretty! Looking forward to seeing the eye looks you’re planning to show your readers:)

  5. Ginger Snap and Twizzle Stick look really pretty!! They all do really but I tried to narrow it down. Lol!!!!
    I use glitter in my looks on the weekends. I’m already pushing it at work with bright obnoxious colors….
    But perhaps it IS time for some sparkle on the job!!! Lol

  6. Wauwieeee!!! Glitter ❀
    Looks please!
    Especially Twizzle Stick and Sour Apple grab my attention

  7. I like the two with stick in the name, will be ideal for your universe looks and maybe a Halloween peacock??

  8. Oh, and I dont wear glitter as much as I want to, I get stuck in a major shimmer rut……

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