Inspiration Of The Day: blue

For some time I’ve been wanting to make blogposts with images that inspire me. I always really enjoy the ones I see on other blogs and it’s nice to do something different from showing my own looks. There’s so much amazing talent on the World Wide Web and I see very inspiring things every day.

But what to do? Just randomly put them in a blogpost together, like I do on my Facebook page? I didn;t want to do the exact same thing so I decided to make blogposts with a theme, at first this will probably be about colours but later on I figured I can always try other things too, like just nails, glitter, false lashes or stuff like that. We’ll see!

I’ll link back to the blog I found the pictures on but a lot of times I also find images on Tumbler, Pinterest or Facebook and then I don’t know the source. So if you recognise any of the images and it’s not linked back, please let me know where it came from so I can link it to the blog or website it belongs to. If I do know a the source of an image, I’ll make sure you can click the link to get there.

I won’t write about all of the images, only if there’s something in particular I want to say about it because inspiration or inspiring images don’t always need to be explained.

Simple but very effective, a gorgeous blue liner by Grzee.

The gorgeous Alexandra always looks amazing, no matter what makeup she wears.

I usually think blue makeup on pale blue eyes doesn’t really work. This image proved me wrong…

Lacey made this wintery mani. Gosh I wish I could do stuff like this!!!

There’s a tutorial for this amazing look by MissChievous too. Click the image to get there.

I love the colourful makeup Amy from Sugarpill usually does, she posts a lot of her looks in her Facebook. Intense blue brows… LOVE!

Claudia from Nailing This does fantastic mani’s

I’ve never seen anybody do as detailed and still wearable looks as Rachel

This nude zigzag is something even I could do, and she makes it look so easy in her tutorials! Very original design

I’ve had this image in my inspiration folder for years, just love it.

I’ve always liked blue eyeshadow on dark eyes like this. I believe this is an advert for an expensive makeup brand.

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed these images! Let me know which ones you like most, or the ones you didnt like of course. 😉

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  1. I love inspiration posts! And I love how you did a colour theme. Haven’t seen that before, haha!

  2. that nude zigzag is my fave, what a clean look!

  3. Now please amaze me with your stunning eye looks inspired by these loevely pictures:)

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