MakeUp Geek eyeshadows, I has them!

Before my vacation I got an email from one of the ladies from Makeup Geek, asking me if I want to try some of the MakeUp Geek eyeshadows. Well, do I?!?!?! Of course!! I felt so very honoured and I read the email about 5 times before I actually believed it.

I got to pick 12 eyeshadows that would be sent to me and my package arrived a few weeks later. I was already starting to worry because it was taking very long to arrive but it turned out customs got their evil hands on it and I had to pay up to get it. It’s so like me to get something for free and then still having to pay for it in the end, lol.

MakeUp Geek has been launching their amazing new products for some time now. They started out with some brushes (I think), then eyeshadows and after that they added lipsticks and gelliners in various amazing colours and there’s more coming up, how awesome!

The eyeshadows I got are :

– Sensuous
– Unicorn
– Fairytale
– Duchess
– Envy
– Fuji
– Peacock
– Sea Mist
– Ocean Breeze
– White Lies
– Galaxy
– Mandarine

I got the refill pans and they come in a little thick paper envelope. I still need to buy a Z palette or something to stash these babies in.

I just figured I’d show you all some swatches and what I think of them. Because I want to be honest: I’m not thrilled about all of them. Some of them fade during the day (and I do mean some serious fading, as in beraly any colour left after 10 hours) and some are not as brilliantly pigmented as I would have liked to see.

So I’ll review these one by one.

MakeUp Geek White Lies eyeshadow swatch

White Lies is a true white eyeshadow with a matte finish. I think this is gorgeous and I’m really loving this eyeshadow as a highlighter under the brow because it doesn’t have shimmer (I don’t really like to use shimmer all the way up to the eyebrow) but it’s white enough to really lighten up that area under the brow. It also blends like a dream with other colours.

MakeUp Geek Ocean Breeze eyeshadow swatch

This is a colour I think is just stunning. It reminds me a bit of Sugarpills Magpie. The colour payoff is fabulous, a very beautiful dark blue colour with a hint of sea green and a gorgeous shimmer. It get’s a tiny little less intense as the day goes by but nothing you desperately need to touch up or something.

MakeUp Geek Galaxy eyeshadow swatch

Gorgeous colour, just love it. It’s a very dark grey but the shimmer also gives it something blue and greenish. This applies very good, blends fabulous and stays all day. Definitely one of those colours I’d recommend.

MakeUp Geek Fuji eyeshadow swatch

This one caught my eye immediately when I was browsing the list of colours. It reminds me of another Sugarpill eyeshadow called Acidberry. This eyeshadow is a bit weak when it comes to pigmentation, blending is a bit harder then it is with the other eyeshadows and you can layer it a bit but when you start blending it loses a bit colour intensity. It just never becomes the colour on your eyelid that it is in the pan. I like it as a transition colour and if you pat it on it’s ok to work with but I’m not pick-my-jaw-up-from-the-floor-in-love with it.

MakeUp Geek Sensuous eyeshadow swatch

Sensuous is the kind of colour I always fall for. I think I have about 3 or 4 colours that come close to it but none of them have the hypnotizing effect on me that Sensuous has. I think it’s the combination of a very warm plummy colour with a beautiful shimmer. Somehow I always see a bit of gold in it, while the description of Sensuous on the MakeUp Geek website clearly says “Shimmery purple with flecks of silver”. Anyway, great eyeshadow: applies well, blends great, good pigmentation and colour payoff.

MakeUp Geek Unicorn eyeshadow swatch

Gorgeous colour, I instantly fell for this guy when I saw him on the website. It looks fun and… happy. If that makes any sense. Colours like this make me happy, let me put it that way. 🙂 A gorgeous purple with a definit blue undertone. Maybe even a bit lavender…ish.
It applies well and I think this one blends good too. It has beautiful little silver flecks in it that you mostly see at the parts that you’ve blended. You can also see that on the swatch because the bottom part of the swatch has more flecks than the top or middle part.

MakeUp Geek Mandarine eyeshadow swatch

I actually wanted to have Pun’kin because it looked a little more neon/vibrant. Mandarine is a bit of a soft kind of orange with golden flecks in it. I was actually already convinced that this one wouldn’t work on my eyelids somehow, but I was wrong. I made a look with it that will come up around Halloween and that will probably convince you: if you’re going to order from MakeUp Geek, get Mandarine, it’s stunning! Very pigmented, blends well and really gives a vibrant and strong pop of orange to your looks. The flecks fall out a bit but nothing that made me look like a glitterball, as some eyeshadows do. If you pat this eyeshadow on and sweep as little as possible, it works beautifully. I’ve read the strong colour fades a bit on some people, that didn’t give me any problems but with different skins, eyeshadows can have different effects.

MakeUp Geek Envy eyeshadow swatch

Envy, look at this swatch. Do I need to explain? No I don’t think so either.
But just to be sure you understand how awesome this colour is: WHOAH!!! This is such a gorgeous forest-green eyeshadow. Again I think of Sugarpill, this time I get reminded of Junebug but that colour is a bit lighter green. Anyway, I can’t say anything but nice things about this one. It’s great, good pigmentation, very easy to blend and once it’s on my eyelids, it doesn’t go anywhere. Love it!

MakeUp Geek Sea Mist eyeshadow swatch

I think this is the eyeshadow I just have to be critical about. I think the colour is gorgeous and application is ok but I had to layer this one a bit to get the colour that I saw in the pan and that you now see in the swatch. 😉 It’s gorgeous but this colour fades on me like crazy. No matter what primer or base I use, this colour is gone within a few hours. At the end of the day there’s a trace of blueish-green left but not even close to the colour I started out with and that’s just a shame. It’s a stunning colour but I just can’t make it stay on my eyelids all day long and that doesn’t happen to me very often. Such a shame. 😦

MakeUp Geek Fairytale eyeshadow swatch

This is another colour I use a lot as a transition colour or in the crease. I like matte colours in the crease when I combine shimmer and matte colours. It does fade a bit with blending and the colour is a bit shy, it falls a bit away in my own skincolour, so it seems. I’m still liking this colour a lot even though it’s not the absolute best one in the bunch, it’s somehow very dreamy to me. It blends well but I do need to reapply the colour a bit afterwards.

MakeUp Geek Peacock eyeshadow swatch

I don’t really have to explain why I wanted this eyeshadow, do I? The name alone is enough to convince me it’s fabulous. And it is. It’s crazy pigmented and just soooooo stunning. It’s this perfect dark teal colour that I fall for easily.
However, it does fade a bit. The intensity it has on this picture turns a bit paler as time goes by.
But it’s called Peacock and looks like this so nothing is going to stop me from loving this baby.

MakeUp Geek Duchess eyeshadow swatch

This colour is the stronger sister of Fairytale and Unicorn, at least when you look at the colour. I like this one, very strong colour and I don’t think I have any colour like it. It applies well, blends well and plays nice with the other colours on my eyelids. And I like the name, very posh, like the colour itself. Well picked!

These were all the colours I had, as you may have read I liked all of them a lot and I still feel you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. But at the same time this is a review and I would never publish a review that I can’t be honest about. The MakeUp Geek Eyeshadows are gorgeous but if you are going to order them you might want to do some research because they don’t all do well on the skin and some fade more or less.
However, the price is very reasonable and the colours are gorgeous, you can tell a real make-up lover has been close to the developing process. You can get these eyeshadows at the MakeUp Geek website.

I wish we could get these products in Europe or even Holland too, without having to pay customs over them. That would be great! Who knows, maybe in the future…

What do you think of these eyeshadows? Do you have any of your own or are you going to buy them? What colour is your favourite?
Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. Ordering from the USA is quite expensive nowadays. Everything I have ordered over the past few months had been held by Customs:( Love the eyeshadows!

  2. Hmm ik volg haar wel op youtube en zie vaak de oogschaduws voorbij komen.. Maar het trekt me totaal niet. Bovendien doen ze me denken aan de oogschaduws van Coastal Scents, die aanzienlijk goedkoper zijn. De swatches vallen me niet tegen, ben benieuwd naar looks met deze oogschaduws! 🙂

  3. There’s some nice colors in them, but nothing special enough to convince me. My favorite color would me peacock. I have so much eyeshadow already that things really have to WOW me before I would order it.

    Nice honest review 🙂

  4. Gorgeous!!! Sad that some don’t hold up and/or don’t translate we’ll from the pan 😦

    I’ve pretty much stopped using and buying any pressed shadows. Only pressed pretties I use are my Sugarpill or Little Mouse Ears.
    I’m a loose pigment girl. Pressed stuff always seems to fade on me 😦
    Maybe the few you got that were meh were a bad batch? I’ve heard so much great stuff about the MUG shadows.
    I know you know your makeup and do real reviews, so good to see your review!!!

    Hope to see some of those amazing looks!!!!!

  5. Peacock and Duchess… So pretty!:D
    And Customs is being a total bitch at the moment! Everything is difficult to get and everything is being held back way longer than neccesary…

  6. Jammer van de kosten, ik zie een paar mooie kleurtjes!

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