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Spiderqueen for Halloween

In my last blogpost you could see a look I made with colours that reminded me of Halloween, like orange, black and a little gold and red. But after I made that look I thought I could add a little more to make it less wearable.
But more fun! And since today is officially Halloween I just thought this look could not go online on any other day.

Eventually I created a spiderqueen look… or something like it. See for yourself!

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Feelin’ Halloweeny

I get confronted with Halloween pictures on my Facebook daily around this time of year. Here in Holland people don’t really celebrate Halloween the way it’s done in the US. Some give parties but it’s not a real big holiday for us or anything and most people I know just skip it.

Anyway, I got inspired by a combination of Halloween pictures (you know, bats, pumpkins, skulls and all that) and my new MakeUp Geek eyeshadow Mandarine that I wanted to use. So, yay for Halloween!

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Polished Beauties

Some time ago my friend Wendy mentioned to me that you can make all kinds of jewelry with nailpolish. I was intrigued because I love that kind of crafty stuff and I always like to make beautiful combinations of nailpolish with basecoats and topcoats and flakies and all that stuff.
So bring it on!

But you know how these things go, you think of something awesome and then stuff happends that you can’t control or it just drifts out of your mind and in the meantime the weeks turn into months. Wendy and I usually think of the same stuff in the same period of time so when I mentioned still wanting to order some supplies to still start making this jewelry, even though it was weeks ago that we had talked about it, she was also about to order. So we did that together and last week we got together with the pretty stuffies and started polishing our asses off.

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Vintage luminescence

The day I made this look I was going to meet my best friend and her love. We plan a day every once in while because we live far apart. So when we meet I always pay a little lore attention to what I wear, what my makeup is like and all that. This day I wore all black with some green/teal accents because I wore the earrings she once bought me.

I actually turned out a bit more mint then I had planned, but I thought it still looked blog-worthy.

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Eye Candy lashes, some vavavooom for eyes

Een tijdje geleden kreeg ik deze wimpers door Kruidvat toegestuurd, ze vroegen me om ze te reviewen omdat Kruidvat ze in hun winkels gaat verkopen. Zoals jullie misschien wel weten ben ik gek op valse wimpers. Ik draag ze niet dagelijks maar ik vind het gewoon leuk om er mee te rommelen en ze doen het altijd goed als ik een meer extreme of excentrieke look wil maken.

Some time ago I got these lashes from Kruidvat, they asked me to review them because Kruidvat will be selling these in stores soon. And as you may know, I do love me some lashes. I don’t wear them on a everyday basis, but I just love to play around with them and they always do the trick when I want to do something more extreme or excentric.

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