Unbreak my heart

I got a white eyeliner from Coastal Scents from Linda, the owner of Enchantra. They were selling the last ones and she knew I was still looking for one, isn’t that sweet? Thank you so much Linda!

When I made this look, All I wanted to do was use me new white eyeliner for some detail, the rest just happened. I didn’t really have a plan for it but I like it a lot. It’s soooo bright, Sugarpill FTW!!

Somehow looks with white on the waterline still look strange to me. I like the closeups but the fullface pictures almost always look strange to me when I use a white waterline.

Under the eye I combined Velocity and 2AM, 2AM is a purple with a pink undertone but I like them better with a more blue tone. I think this combination makes the best shade of purple! I totally need to experiment with that a little more…

Like I said, I like the popping colours of Sugarpill and Midori is great to combine with the Heart Breaker palette.  But is it me or does the white waterline look strange on the fullface pictures? Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to it, maybe it’s because of the pinkish tone under the eye that makes me look a bit like I’ve been crying, I dont know…

And a weird one, just because I can. 😉

That last one doesn’ t really make the look any better, lol! But you can’t take yourself too seriously.

So can you tell me if you think there is anything I could have done to make the fullface pictures look better? What do you think of them? And if you have any ideas/inspiration for looks with a white eyeliner, I’d love to hear it. Let’s try some new stuff!

Please let me know what you think in the comments 😀

Products used


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil, Milk
  • Sugarpill Acidberry
  • Sugarpill Velocity
  • Sugarpill Mochi
  • Sugarpill 2AM
  • Sugarpill Midori
  • Catrice gelliner, Black Jack with Jack Black
  • Coastal Scents gelliner, Silk White
  • NYC High Definition Volume mascara


  • Catrice All Round Concealer palette
  • Gosh Bronzing Powder, Natural Glow
  • Sugarpill 2AM (as blush)


  • Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Rouge Pure Shine

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  1. heel mooi, die paarse kleur onder je ogen is echt heel mooi

  2. Always love how you play with colours and how you manage to do combination one would never even think of!
    Haha love the last picture of you!!!

  3. Ik denk dat je gewoon zelf moet wennen aan het wit want girl you look awesome with white!!!

  4. prachtig!!!
    in de closeup vind ik wit heel mooi staan. maar bij fullface vind ik het minder.. maar misschien komt het doordat ik er zelf ook maar niet aan kan wennen 😛 gek eigenlijk, het doet echt wat voor je blik.

  5. lmao, that last pic is sexxxxxy 😛 i think that the white is just diff on you because your eyes are already so light/bright that it really makes them look almost clear when they “pop” with the white liner in a full face shot so it really stands out. maybe that’s why it looks “weird”?

  6. Love the look, but I’m personally just not a fan of white waterlines. On anyone.

    Have to use my heartbreaker palette again now I see this! ❤

  7. Haha, it does look a lil goofy after pouring over the recent red galaxy post, I use my white liner on my whole lid under bright colors, still, not super sure what to do with white, usually end up using it on fabric…maybe white lips??

  8. Great Heart Breaker look! I think the white waterline looks fine in the closeups, but the full face shots are a little odd for some reason. You still look totally hot, though.

  9. I love the last picture. so sweet. 😀

    And I love the colours of the heartbreaker palette, what this one.
    I have to wait till my birthday, then I prensent it myself. hahahahahahahaha.. *sad*

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