Playing on Josi’s burnt grass

I was browsing Josi’s blog and I saw she did a new version of her Burning Grass look. I already liked that look a lot the first time she did it and I still think the combination of green and prange is just so beautiful. So I did a look inspired by her look, hence the title. I don’t have that many orange eyeshadows but the Sleek Circus palette turned out to be of great help. And we both used the Green Brown pigments from MAC, gotta love that pigment.

First of all I need to apoligise for the quality of the pictures, some turned out darker than I wanted them to be but if I try to make them lighter it doesn’t do a lot of good for the quality either, so I figured I’d better leave them as they are. 😉

I really like the picture above, so sharp! It makes me love my Sony Cyber-shot, lol. I really like the green shine near the lower lashline too.

I made an eyeliner with Urban Decay Libertine from my Black palette. I got the Black palette from my dear friend Wendy and I’m still so very happy with it. It’s my only Urban Decay palette but I use it a lot, that eyeshadow is amazing!

You van tell with this picture too, the eyeshadow is fab pigmented and very, very dark but you can still see it’s not a true black. So beautiful 😀
I like doing eyeliner with colours like these because they usually make a look very soft.

The green eyeshadows I used were green but didn’t have a green sheen to them. That’s what I used MAC Green Brown for, to give it that green shimmer.

For my face and lips I also used products that had an orangy colour to them, I like matching colours like that in looks.

I’ve been wearing this look a lot lately, the warm orange makes it very wearable even though maybe you wouldn’t say that, orange doesn’t seem a very wearable look for most people but I think this look shows it really can look beautiful without making you look like an orange clown. Do you ever wear orange in your makeup? What do you think of this look?

Thanks for making such inspirational looks Josi! I hope you like this look too. 😀

Products used


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Sleek Circus palette, white, light green and orange colour
  • Urban Decay Black Palette, Libertine
  • MAC Green Brown pigment
  • Catrice Kajal Pencil, White
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Woody Green
  • NYC High Definition Volume mascara




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  1. Oh, my dear, this is so beautiful! It suits your eyecolor so well! ❤ it!

  2. Great mixture of colours!!!!!! And they seem to shift so much depending on the light!!!
    And thanks for linking to that talented girl, i just popped in there and gasped at the gorgeous look of her hologram glittered brows! Man that was fantastic, so thank you!!/Azure

  3. Gorgeous! I loved Josi’s look and I adore your take on it too.

  4. Is it weird to say thats intense and at the same time not? Just very pretty and neutralish…nice camera pics!

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