Orbit into Green Sabbath

When I made this look I was a bit uninspired. I went for green because that’s usually my go-to colour when I don’t know what to do. I wanted something with glitters but I wanted them to really catch the attention in the look, so I did a matte look with my Sleek Darks palette and Sabbath from the Urban Decay Black Palette.

I wasn’t really happy with my blending when I saw the pictures but just click on and you’ll know what I mean with that.

This look was actually made with the latest addition to my make-up familiy: a Color Tattoo from Maybelline. I really like these things as a base underneath my eyeshadow, I need more colours! The green is gorgeous, very vibrant. But I’ll write about the Color Tattoo’s later, let’s focus on the look right now.

At this point I actually liked this look a lot, I like how the blue and green really work well together and that you can actually see the glitters very good. I’m on a bit of a glitter high lately, even people around me start to notice my glitterliner abuse, lol

But when I saw my closed eye picture I saw that I hadn’t blended very well. I know people sometimes say “that’s just on the picture and not in real life” but to me that’s a load of bullcrap. If the pictures show bad blending then that’s what you did: bad blending.
Oh well, next time I’ll pay far more attention to my blending, that’s for sure. πŸ˜‰

Do you know the feeling when you’re being supercritical to your own work and one bad detail can totally ruin it for you? That’s what happened with this look for me, which is ridiculous. It’s still pretty nice, I really like the colour of Sabbath (the blue eyeshadow on the moving lid) it’s so intense!

I also had my hair cut. It was getting pretty long and I like that but it was about a year ago since I cut it so it was in need of a good cut again. I had some more layers done so it curls a lot more. I like it, feels like a summer haircut πŸ˜€

All in all I think this just isn’t my best work but I like the colours and products I used.

What do you think of the blue and green together? Do you own any Color Tattoo’s? What do you think of them? What colours do you have? And let me knwo what you would do to improve this look πŸ˜€

Products used


  • Maybelline Color Tattoo, Always Green
  • Urban Decay Black Palette, Sabbath
  • Sleek Darks palette, Orbit, Ink, Pillow Talk
  • Gosh Glitterliner, #21
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Pretty Petrol
  • NYC High Definition Volume mascara


  • Catrice Allround Concealer
  • Gosh Bronzing Shimmer Powder, Bronze
  • Gosh Multicolour Blush, Pink Pie


  • Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick, Metal Dust
  • Gosh Light ‘n Shine, #1

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  1. It’s a gorgeous go-to look! I love the colours. I know what you mean about not being happy with something. I often um and ah about whether to post a look if I know I’ve done a bad job (mascara on my eyelid is the most common thing I do), but I usually do it anyway. At least you don’t walk around with your eyelids closed, so no one will notice your little boo-boo!

  2. I love your haircut! You should keep it like this!:D
    And the blue Sabbath is a gorgeous colour!
    And I don’t think your blending is very bad here. You could’ve blended a bit more, but no one would notice until you’d close your eyes and start pointing at the parts you don’t like;)

  3. loving that glitter liner

  4. A girl can never overabuse a glitter liner πŸ™‚
    I personally only dislike silver glitter but have a soft spot for multi-colored ones.

  5. Your eyecolor is gorgeous! I’m jealous, lol.

  6. Heel gaaf, en soms werkt het zo, bad blending on camera maar irl perfect… het blijft lastig.
    Je haar vind ik echt top zo, en ik ben zelf gek op Orbit, zo’n mooie kleur..

  7. I adore Sleek’s Orbit! And this looks is just amazing!

  8. what do you mean it’s not your best work? i think the color combo looks really nice and matches your eye color. pretty!

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