Love+ for red tutorial!

I’m sorry it’s been so quiet on my blog for the past few days, I have been so busy! I have been doing a lot of looks lately but I didn’t have time to make a blogpost about them so I’m going to work on that as soon as possible.
To make it up to you I figured I’d just put a new tutorial online!

When I made this look I figured I might as well do a tutorial for it. I already knew I wanted to use a pair of Katy Perry lashes I hadn’t used before and like I told you *here*, I just needed a good excuse to use my brand spankin’ new red eyeshadow from Sugarpill. It turned out to be a pretty red look with green and gold accents. So basically very, very christmassy. When I was editting the pictures I got more and more convinced this look is totally appropriate for christmas, lol. But I don’t care, I like the colours and that’s all that matters, right?

If you want to know how to make this look, click the link and go check out the step by step tutorial!

As usual I started with a clean eye and eyelid.

Apply a base to the eyelid, I used Max Factor Colour Precision Eyeshadow in Pearl Beige. Blend the base on the entire eyelid.

I used an 88 Mirage palette from Coastal Scents and used this orangy colour with a fluffy brush. I used it in the crease. Make sure you blend it well!

Take a darker colour, it’s a bit between brown an orange. I used this in the crease too but a bit lower to deepen the colour in the crease a bit more.

After that I used the black eyeshadow from the palette to deepen the colour out even more. Make sure you blend this very well.

I used another warm toned brown shade to use on the outer half of the moving lid.

Then I took Love+ from Sugarpill. It’s such a great vibrant colour and insanely pigmented, love it! I used this all over the moving eyelid. The brownish colour in the outer corner of the eyelid makes the red a bit darker.

I used this “Exquise” pigment/glitter. I got it from my friend Annigje a logng time ago and I don’t remember what brand it is. You don’t really need to do this step, it’s just for a little pale gold glittery effect on the inner corner on top of the red eyeshadow.

I used this highlighter form the Mirage palette. It’s a light colour with a golden shimmer. I applied this colour under the brow and blended it with the orange brown colour in the crease. Make sure you blend it well because otherwise this colour tends to be a bit too strong on the shimmer.

I used a dark brown eyepencil from Gosh on my lower lashline, it’s called Metallic Brass and it has tiny golden flecks in it.

On top of that I applied Sugarpill Junebug pigment, I only used this dark green colour on the outer half of the lashline.

I used Sugarpill Lumi on the inner part of the lower lashline.

I figured a little touch of glitter would be in order, so I used this glitterliner from Sleek on my inner eye corner.

And now it’s time for eyeliner, you can use a liquid one or a gelliner. I used Catrice Black Jack with Jack Black.

I used another liner from Sleek, this silver version. I only used a little bit of it below the wing of the eyeliner, just for a silver detail.

I used a pair of Katy Perry lashes called Sweetie Pie. These look pretty natural so they’re suitable for a lot of looks.

As a finishing touch I used a black eyeliner on my waterline. I used it on my upper and lower waterline.

That’s it for the eyes!

For my face I used these products, a foundation by No. 7, a highlighter from Essence and a blush from Everyday Minerals.

I also used some red colour for the lips. I like using a bold colour for lips and I don’t care if the eyes are already pretty intense. But if that’s not your style you can use a nude colour for the lips.

And here some pictures of the result, you can also see the result in *this* blogpost.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and founf it helpful. Red eyeshadow can really be wearable, all you have to do is make a nice combination. Although I have to say this look is quite “christmassy”, I still think it’s pretty nice.
I hope you think so too, please let me know in the comments!


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  1. Prachtig!

  2. cupcakesakura

    i love it and…. your eyes are out of this world are they real? just beautiful hun =^_^= xox.

    • Your comment made me smirk, luckily these are my own eyes. I think it would be pretty painful if they were someone elses. 😉 Just kidding, I don’t use lenses. 🙂
      Thanks for your sweet comment!

  3. super mooi gedaan!!! ❤ ik ben gek op rood. en Lumi blijft toch wel elke keer op me wishlist staan… 😛

  4. I adore the smiling pic, so pretty! You are a blending Jedi and I like when you photograph the brush touching the color you picked.

  5. Awesome tutorial! This is such a look. I’d wear it on a normal day, Christmasy or no.

  6. Ongelofelijk. Ik ben jaloers op je skills!

  7. Heel gaaf, mede door de glitter in je ooghoek, ernstig mooi!

  8. The dark brown shades look so pretty with Love+! really have to try this! And the little sparkly part, so cute!
    And I really have to tell you, the “fake” lashes look so real and beautiful on you, I never get them so close to my lashline, it looks perfect on you!

  9. Naw, it’s not too xmassy! I think it’s pretty cool and I sure like what you’re wearing on your lips;)

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