Don’t be scared, it’s just a little change…

Notice something? Hmm? I’ve changed my layout because I wasn’t happy with the swirly 70’s on my blog. I wanted something darker because I’m not really the jumpy colourful kind girl I saw in the last layout. I have a dark edge and I wanted my blog to be a bit darker too. 😀
I have no idea why I didn’t start with this layout because this suits me so much more!

I might tweak a few more little things and if you guys have any great ideas for the smaller title above (“for the love of colour…”) I’d love to hear it, I guess my brain has melted in the heat of the past few days because I can not come up with one simple line to put there.

Tomorrow a new blogpost and I thought that one was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. So thanks for visiting and I hope to see you later!


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  1. This is more you- your looks will stand out more now.

  2. Lisanne blogt………..with a little edge

  3. I like the colours of your layout, but I don’t like this bold font type. 😦

  4. Gave look, helemaal jij!

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