Link love part 9

It’s time for another part of link love!
I haven’t done any of these blogposts for quite some time which is strange because I ran into more than enough cool blogs. Somehow I just didn’t think about writing about them for a while. Oh well, here’s one to make up for it!

Alexandra from Al3xmake-up

First there’s Alexandra. That’s about all I know about her, her name… She writes in Romanian so that gives away where she’s from but other than that I have no clue who she is or what she writes. What I do know is that she’s absolutely stunning and has the most gorgeous hair in the world. I personally believe she escaped from a fairytale… And she does very beautiful makeup, her looks are fantastic and they suit her no matter what colours she uses. She also does reviews on brands I never even heard of and sometimes I translate them but I usually skip those, it’s all about her looks for me.

And she does some very helpful step by step tutorials on her looks.
Seriously, you need to check out her blog! Her pictures just never seem to disappoint and she really likes to experiment with colours. Every look she makes just make my jaw drop. Please visit her *here*

Matilda from

On to Matilda, she’s Swedish and she makes some of the brightest looks I’ve seen, and there’s not a single one I didn’t like. She’s such a huge inspiration to me.
From what I’ve gathered she’s a make-up artist, sometimes she blogs about photoshoots and shows pictures of the model and the makeup she did but she usually posts her own make-up looks.
And boy are they worth watching!

Matilda likes to use neon colours, glitter and false lashes and no matter what she does, her looks always look blended to perfection and the placement of het eyeshadow is just so beautiful. I think she also has a love for cut crease looks, which I like a lot. I could go on and on about what I like about her looks but I think if you visit her blog you’ll get it. 😉

What do you think of these bloggin’ ladies? Do you follow any of them or are you going to follow them? Let me know in the comments. 😀


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  1. Matilda volg ik ook. Prachtig! Nog een tip (een van mijn favorieten aller tijden, maar misschien ken je ze al) is

    • Jep, Eye Graffiti ken ik, die dames zijn briljant, en ontzettend lief! Ik heb ze al eerder in een versie van Link Love voorbij laten komen en ze komen soms ook op mijn blog, zo leuk 😀

  2. just started following them both! i think your links made my browser international, lol.
    thanks for sharing these!!!

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