Homemade jam, it’s so gooooooood!

Some time ago I read *this* blogpost from a Dutch beautyblogger called Serena. She’s a great blogger that also does a lot of Do It Yourself blogposts and she wrote about homemade jam. I knew it isn’t difficult to make by yourself but I had never tried. She made it sound like so much fun that I had to try it. So I got myself a couple of jars and bought some fruit from the market and got to work.

First I made strawberry jam because we have a lot of strawberries from our garden and if you’re going to make jam, it’s most fun when the fruit is from your own garden, right? But I also went to our market and got some nectarines and kiwi’s, if I’m going to make jam, I want to try some variations…

First I cooked these jars I bought with some soda/salt to make sure they’re really clean. That way you can keep the jam for up to 12 months!

After that I just cleaned the strawberries and put them in the pan, added the needed amount of special jally-sugar and cooked if for a few minutes…

I filled each jar for half of the amount and after that I made some nectarine jam. I got the idea to add some mint from our garden and let me tell you: if you ever make nectarine jam you REALLY need to try that, it tastes amazing.

After the nectarine jam was finished cooking, I filled up the jars with the strawberry jam with it and closed them up.

I also made some strawberry jam with balsamico vinegar, kiwi jam and some more nectarine jam with mint. We almost never eat jam but the jars are almost empty… Does that tell you enough? I also gave some jars to my mother and my mother in law and I got asked for more 😆
So I guess this was a success. I’m going to do this more often!

I thought they looked pretty great as a simple gift so I’m going to make some more, but first I have to find me some better jars. These were ok but they leaked a lot of jam when I had to put them upside down. But if I find better jars I’ll make some more variations, maybe I’ll write about that, would you want me to? Have you ever done anything like this? Any good combinations you’d like to share?


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  1. You’re right- these jars filled with yummy jam would make the perfect gift! And I love homemade gifts:)

  2. The jars look so cute and pretty! Tie a bow around it and you have a perfect gift!:D

  3. Need. Bread. Right. Now.

  4. Grappig 😀 toevallig vorige week jam gemaakt, wilde er een artikeltje over schrijven hihi zelfgemaakte jam is hip zo te zien 😀 leuk!

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