Essence Colour Arts, budget pigments!!!

Usually I don’t blog a lot about brands or upcoming collections from our drugstores because I’ve reviewed so many things in the past and I found out that’s not where my interest lies.
But when *Nes* told me about the upcoming Essence collection and then was kind enough to Tweet me a link to some pictures on Nailderella, I just got so excited I really wanted to share this with you guys.

The collection is called Colour Arts and it’s all about pigments. And that’s where I started jumping for joy. I looooove pigments and Essence is a very budget brand that produces some really awesome stuff so this is great news to me. More great news is that these products are going to be a Limited Edition in august.  It’s pretty confusing because it could also be september, I’ll check with the company itself. But they’ll be available as standard products in their range from the fall.

Click the link to see pictures of the upcoming products.

The pigments (€2,49), judging from the pictures I want them all. Too bad I don’t know the prices yet but since Essence is a very, very budget brand, it’ll probably be very affordable. Look at these colours!

Aren’t they awesome? I really want a lot of these colours, gosh I hope they’re ok in pigmentation. If they are I’ll buy all of them. Ok, maybe not all but definately a LOT!!!

The bases, there’s an eye base, a lip base and a nail base.
The eye base (€1,79) sounds good and I’m always looking for a good base even though I really like the ones I already have, so I’ll have to try it to see if it works as miraculous as they say.

“Stays on and on… The superfine, transparent eyeshadow base allows a smooth application of the color pigments and guarantees long-lasting and intensive eye make-up thanks to its great bonding effect.”

The lip base (€1.79) is pretty new to me, you can use this with the pigments and that way you can create different lip colours. It sounds as a great idea, very creative and I’m sooooo going to try this. Yay for creative lippies!

“The perfect base for the application of color pigments on your lips! First, apply the transparent base and then dab on the desired color pigments with the multi tasker. The colour arts pigments are also ideal for creating unique shadings and patterns.”

The nail base (€1,59)…  sounds like just another top/base coat to me. You can add pigments to them to create your own nailpolish colour. Nothing new to me but groovy product anyway. And I understand why they included this in the collection because it makes these products interesting for polish-lovers too.

Mix it baby! The transparent nail polish base can be mixed with one or more pigments to create totally new color combinations over and over again. It can also be used as a color-sealing top coat.

The “multi tasker” (€1,29) is pretty much just another applicator. I never use them because I consider brushes so much better but if you like them, go for it. 😉

“Multitasking made easy! This applicator has been specially developed to ensure that the pigments are applied in just the right place. The silicon tip allows an accurate dosage and exact positioning. The applicator is an absolute all-rounder – it is ideal for professional application on your eyes or lips and for effortlessly mixing the pigments. And with make-up remover, it’s easy to clean the multi tasker, too!”

The Mixing jars (€1,29) are also great to swap pigments from your stash with other people so I’m going to buy as many of these as I can, lol. You can never have too many sample jars! And you can mix pigments in these too. Very smart product, Essence!

“You can mix and store your favorite pigments in these little transparent plastic boxes. They come as a duo so you can save your unique creations for future make-up looks, too!”

These products will be available in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands/Belgium, Australia, South Africa, Slovenia, Lithuania, Russia, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Tunisia, Kuwait and Uruguay.

Source: I got pictures and the info from *Nailderella*

What do you think, good move from Essence to get some pigments in their range? Are you going to buy from this collection? I think I’ll buy Broadway Starlet, WOW It’s Orange, PapREDzzi, Miss Piggy’s Lollipop, Strawberry Smoothie and Dory In Love. But probably more, lol. What colours do you really like and which ones will you (want to) buy?
Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. YAAAAYYY those look so promising!!
    Realllly going to check out “WOW its Orange” and “Safety First”!

    Is it august yet?? 😉

    • There’s some confusion about the time, could be august, could be september. I’ll mail them and write in the blogpost when it’ll be released in NL. 🙂

  2. this picture on facebook has the prices at the bottom 🙂

  3. Kiss the frog, little mermaid, oh hell all of them hihi. Greedy me 😀

  4. I’ve seen the promotional pictures a couple of times now and I can’t wait!
    At the same time Catrice will be launching the Cucuba LE, which also contains five pigments. I’ve heard that not all of the colours/loose pigments will be available in the Netherlands though, and that just sucks!

    • I didn’t know that but those pigments look good! I think if the pigments are a hit, they’ll switch them every once in a while. Collect them all!!!

      • I sure hope they will do that!
        I can’t really imagine it being a big miss unless the colour pay-off is really really poor.

  5. i like the mixing jars ❤

  6. can u tell me, where should i look for these pigments in germany? shop i mean…are they present in the rossmann shops..or which one*s?

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