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Cleopatra’s Black Desert

I’ve been so incredibly busy working and having a social life that making looks has not exactly been a priority. But suddenly I got this feeling I sometimes get, I think of it as inspiration. That little tickle that makes you want to create, you know that feeling? I usually get it when I don’t have time to do anything creative, very convenient (not!) lol.

But I had the next day off and I saw a new part of the Weekly Showcase and I love the theme! You can choose between 2 themes this month: Middle Eastern Bridal Makeup or Roaring 20’s!

So I decided to dig around in my drawer with false lashes and I stumbled upon a pair that I hadn’t used before, aren’t these fabulous? I wanted to stay in the gold and black theme so I used Sugarpill Goldilux and Stella again and as I was searching for inspirational pictures online I saw some great arabic looks with vibrant gold, PERFECT!

Click the link if you want to see what I created with these false lashes. 😀

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Don’t be scared, it’s just a little change…

Notice something? Hmm? I’ve changed my layout because I wasn’t happy with the swirly 70’s on my blog. I wanted something darker because I’m not really the jumpy colourful kind girl I saw in the last layout. I have a dark edge and I wanted my blog to be a bit darker too. 😀
I have no idea why I didn’t start with this layout because this suits me so much more!

I might tweak a few more little things and if you guys have any great ideas for the smaller title above (“for the love of colour…”) I’d love to hear it, I guess my brain has melted in the heat of the past few days because I can not come up with one simple line to put there.

Tomorrow a new blogpost and I thought that one was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. So thanks for visiting and I hope to see you later!

Love+ for red

For some time I had been thinking what kind of look to make with my brand spankin’ new Sugarpill Love+. I had been looking for a good red for some time and couldn’t find it, not even at Inglot! So I just ordered love+ because I had seen so many brilliant looks with it.

Then I stumbled upon *this* look by Stacey and I fell in love. That’s what I wanted to do!! But I wanted to give it my own twist, so I added some silver eyeliner, some glitter and some false lashes. Funny thing is that Stacey made this look with Sugarpill too, but not the same products I used from Sugarpill. She used Flamepoint and Buttercupcake, I used Love+, Lumi and Junebug.

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Peacock feathers

You all know I have a serious peacock feather fetish, right? I have peacock print scarves, dresses, tops and loads of peacock jewelry. So I decided to once again do a makeup look inspired by those colours.

This is what happened.

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Mac Factor Flipsticks, 2 lipsticks in 1!

Ik kreeg dit product van de lieve mensen van Kruidvat ter review. In eerste instantie dacht ik dat het een nieuwe variant op semi permanente lipsticks was maar dit blijkt 2 verschillende kleuren lipsticks te zijn. Je kan veel dingen met deze leuke stickjes doen; draag alleen de lichte of donkere kleur, gebruik ze samen of gebruik de lichte kleur om delen van je lippen te highlighten. Ik moet zeggen dat ik het idee leuk vind maar ik heb ook het gevoel dat we dit al eerder ergens gezien hebben. Ik weet alleen niet waar…

Ik moest wel meteen aan mijn aankomende vakantie denken. Met deze producten neem ik niet 2 maar 4 lipsticks mee en als ik ze samen gebruik heb ik zeker 6 tinten mee!

I got this product from the lovely people of Kruidvat for a review. At first I thought it was a new variation to semi permanent lipsticks but this turns out to be 2 different colours of lipstick. You can do many different things with these fun little sticks; wear only the light or dark shade, use them together or use the lighter colour to highlight parts of your lips, I must say like the idea but at the same time I have the feeling we’ve seen this somewhere before. I just don’t know where…

They instantly made me think of my upcoming vacation, though. With these I wouldn’t be taking 2 but 4 lipsticks with me and if I use them together I have at least 6 shades with me, nice!

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