Tutorial: Smokey Punk

In *this* blogpost I asked you guys to vote for the look that you’d want to see in a tutorial. To my surprise the look that got most votes wasn’t the neon look but the Smokey Punk look.
It’s always fun to see what you want to see because as usual you didn’t pick the look I thought you would. I really liked this look and it’s not even such a difficult look to make, the eyeliner takes some patience but if you do that, it looks awesome.

So if you want to see how I made this look, click the link and you’ll get to see the tutorial.

As usual you start making this look with a clean eye.

You apply a primer to your eyes, that will make sure the eyeshadow doesn’t go into your crease and keeps everything in place all day long. I used one from our local stored called Hame Eyeshadow Base but you can use any brand. After that I used a Gosh Mineral Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick in the colour Brown. It might seem a bit much to use 2 products for this but the Hema Eyeshadow Base dries up and doesn’t stick, the Gosh stick stays sticky and because of that, it works better with pigments.

Make sure you blend in all out and don’t use more than you need to cover your entire eyelid. Remember: if you use more than you need it will still crease. Less is more in this case.

Get your MAC Star Violet eyeshadow out and use it on your outer corner, go about one third into the eyelid.

Now take your Inglot Body Glitter number 67, it’s a very fine glitter and even though Inglot is technically not supposed to sell it as an eyeglitter, you can use this as a pigment. I applied it from the inner corner, and a little below, to the Star Violet. Blend those two eyeshadows together.

Now take MAC Young Punk and apply it to your crease. After you did that you blend the line because that just doesn;t look good. 😉 And after you’ve blended the outer line you apply some more of that eyeshadow to the crease to make sure the crease is a little darker.

I used a matte highlighter for this look because I thought the duochrome shine and the glitter was sparkly enough. I used Catrice Bring Me Frosted Cake because it’s just a bit lighter than my own skincolour. Use that under your brow.

On to eyeliner: I used a gelliner from Catrice called Black Jack with Jack Black but you can use any eyeliner you want, as long as it’s black and it has to have a very fine brush.

I’m going to show you how I did this eyeliner in some steps. Like I said at the top: it’s not difficult but you have to have some patience and if all fails: cotton buds. I always keep cotton buds close when I’m doing eyeliner so you can remove any goofs you make immediately.

First draw a simple eyeliner near your upper lashline, don’t make the line too big.

Draw the line into your inner corner.

Draw from that pointy end back in to your lower lashline.

Now make a wing on your outer corner, make sure you follow the line of your lower lashline.

Extend the wing as far as you want

All done with the eyeliner! You can use the gelliner on your lower lashline but I used an eyepencil from Gosh, the eyeshadow that I used on top sticks better with a pencil than a gelliner. So I used Gosh Velvet Touch Eyepencil in Black Ink.

Add some of the Young Punk on top of the eyepencil and smoke it out a bit with a brush.

Now line your waterline with black, you can use a gelliner or an eyepencil but if you use gelliner, make sure you don’t apply it too thick, that feels uncomfortable.

Now curl your lashes and apply some mascara. You can use false lashes if you want but I decided this was enough smokey goodness for my taste. You’re done with the eyes now!

I wanted to do a bit of an orange lip with this look, I used an orange lipstick from Gosh called Exotic but it was too light so I put a little red lipgloss on top from Michael Todd called Raspberry Glacé.

And I used some concealer from my Catrice Allround Concealer Palette and some Gosh Bronzer. I didn’t want to use too much colour on my face because the smokey eye and the darker lips already have enough going on.

And that’s it, here’s the finished look!

And of course some fullface pictures.

That’s all there is to it, only the eyeliner is a bit of work. I hope you liked this tutorial and you can use it for your own look. I’m working on another tutorial because a lot of people wanted me to do the neon look in a tutorial too so I’m still working on that. That look is just too much fun to pass by so the tutorial will come. It’s a lot of work to do a turorial like this so bear with me for now. 😉

What do you think of this look and the tutorial? Are there any other kind of lookd with certain colours or special stuff you’d like to see in a turorial? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. I used to do my eyeliner like that a lot when I was a bit younger:P
    And I was NOT expecting the INGLOT pigment to come out in that shade when you used it. It’s a beautiful colour but so is MAC’s Star Violet!

  2. Stunning as always. I love your tutorials!

  3. Great tutorial and very good pictures. And the look is fantastic!

    I have included this article in my upcoming topic “How to get that smokey look.”

    Thank you for sharing.


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