Elvis-snack-bit-balls, thank you very much

Some time ago I was browsing Pinterest. It’s such an awesome website that’s very positive and creative and you can find tips or tricks for almost anything over there. I love the recipes that I usually stumble into and that’s what happened with this recipe that I’d like to show you. They were called different and the ingredients were different so I just gave it my own twist with some new or other additions.

These little snack bits are great if you don’t feel like getting all your stuff out to bake something, they taste awesome and you don’t need an over for them! Plus you can throw anything in these so if you want to get rid of some leftovers in baggies, you can.

For example: I had banana chips, walnuts and cereal just standing there gathering dust in a cabinet and I emptied them all in a bowl and added the other ingredients. It’s that simple!

I called them like this because it has peanutbutter and banana in them and my collegue instantly said with those ingredienst it would have to be called Elvis balls because Elvis loved peanutbutter and banana sanwiches. I thought it sounded funny πŸ™‚

First you get cereal, I used some standard muesli from our local Aldi. It’s with dried fruits and nuts but that just works ok.

You know those sprinkles for your icecream? I used some of that too. I have no idea what hey’re called but they give it a little bit more crunch.

Banana chips, jugh… But my love likes them and we just had a little left. And if you’re going to make Elvis inspired snacks, you need peanutbutter and banana, right? πŸ˜‰

Add some chocolate chips, I got lazy and added hagelslag, they’re chocolate sprinkles you eat on our bread but you can just use pieces of chocolate, make sure they’re not too big.

I also hade some walnuts left so I chopped them up and added those too.

And peanutbutter. Of course! If you skip his step the stuff won’t stick to each other and if you want to make balls out of them you’ll need it to stick somehow…

Also add some honey, it makes it easier to stick all the ingredients together and it makes the flavour a bit different, the peanutbutter flavour doesn’t overrule all the other ones.

I also added some rum essence, if you’re going to add an essence like this, don’t use more than just a drop or you won’t taste anything but fake rum πŸ˜‰

Mash everything together with a spoon, don’t use your hands because it won’t work better and you’ll be covered in this stuff. πŸ˜‰

After that you put it all in the fridge for about half an hour, than you can roll balls with it. And that’s it, they’re done!
Keep them in your fridge, I think they taste best when they’re a bit cold.

I think they’re jummy and so incredibly easy to make! I already have an idea for my next “project” and I’ll blog about that too.

I’m more into making stuff lately than makeup, so I might so some more updates about DIY stuff and food and things like that. I hope you don’t mind but if I don’t have any inspiration for makeup it doesn’t work for me to force it. It should be fun. πŸ™‚

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  1. I think those sprinkles are called nougatine. Those are awesome! I love them on cakes and pie’s:D
    Hagelslag, haha! I don’t think there is a real english word for them, but it still sound funny like that.
    The name is great! I really didn’t get it ’till you explained.
    And the snacks itself seem very delishious. I made no bake peanutbutter cookies once and they tasted great so I imagine these even better.
    I love recipes, baking, cooking etc. so I don’t mind at all if you post about that as well:)

  2. OMG- I really need to have these thingies. I love each and every ingredient and I adore Elvis:)

  3. Heck yeah! DIY stuff is always fun! Mmmm cold things sound perfect when it is sooo hot in Colorado…

    • I’d love to have hot weather, seems like the second time in a row our summer is going to be loopwarm and wet. πŸ˜•
      But anyway, these snacks are awesome. Soon I’ll have a recipe online for cakeballs: even better! But with chocolate so they do melt πŸ˜€

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