Get rid of that fall out!

Fall out, one of the big frustrations among eyeshadow lovers.

Maybe some people have no idea what I’m talking about but I think most of you are familiar with it. That nasty eyeshadow that doesn’t want to be applied to your eyelids but is determined to make a trip to your cheeks. Some powders just do that…
Loose powders create more fall out than pressed eyeshadow because the pressed version usually doesn’t allow you to take too much excess eyeshadow on your brush. But when you dip your brush into a jar of pigment you’re suddenly covered in that stuff up to your elbows.

Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit but you know what I mean, right? It’s only logical the powder is going to fall off when there’s too much on your brush, right?

My first tip is to tap off your brush. You usually do this at the edge of the jar or the lid of the jar so the excess powder falls back into it. It makes perfect sense but a lot of people don’t know it or do it so I figured I’d just mention it.
I also work the powder into the brush a little, I usually use the lid of the jar for that. I work my brush into the jar and that way the powder isn’t on top of my brush but between the hairs of the brush. That way it doesn’t fall off as easily so it doesn’t end up on your cheeks.

Way too much eyeshadow on the brush, this will fall off and end up on your cheeks.

Tap off the excess eyeshadow in the jar or lid of the jar.

Work the eyeshadow into the brush, that way it won’t fall off the brush as easily.

The way you apply your eyeshadow can also make a difference. A lot of people apply their eyeshadow with sweeping motions to the eyelid. They say that’s no good for the skin of your eyelids. But aside from that you also sweep the eyeshadow every way and that can bring back the pigmentation of the eyeshadow.
Because of that I apply my eyeshadow more dabbing than sweeping with my brush. That way you don’t brush the eyeshadow away so it doesn’t end up on the rest of your face. It takes a little practice but this way of applying eyeshadow does work better against fall out.

But with certain powders you can tap off excess and work it into the brush all you want and somehow it will still end up on your cheeks. Grrrrr.
I personally almost never use foundation (on my entire face) and that way it’s quite easy to sweep off eyeshadow with a powder brush. If it falls off I just wipe it away with my hand and it’s gone.

But if you’ve just used a day cream it’s not as easy to wipe away the fall out, it’ll stick to your cream. If this happens to you often, you can always use a thick layer of cream under your eyes. The cream will trap that nasty fall out and you can wipe both cream and fall out away with a tissue or something.
I read somewhere people use Vaseline for this, it’s an idea but that stuff is pretty greasy and for me it shows on my face even after I wiped it away. A day cream (or cheap eye cream in this case) works better for me but that’s just personal preference. Just try what works for you!

An eyecream or daycream can be used under the eye in a thick layer.

Apply a thick layer and after you’re done with your eyelook, you wipe away both the cream and the fall out

You can also use cleansing wipes to get rid of fall out, you know, the ones you use to remove makeup from your face. It works like a charm and you can get them from a lot of brands and they’re not very expensive.

You can also use cleansing wipes to wipe away fall out under your eye.

If you want to use foundation or concealer, you can apply it after you did your eyelook. It might rub a bit of fall out over your face but if you blend the foundation well, it doesn’t show. Fall out be gone!
You can also apply a little bit of extra concealer, that way you also can work away the tiny bit of fall out you might have.

If you usually use foundation, a lot of people also use loose powder but this tip works on both bare skin and foundation: take a face powder and a big powder brush. Use a good portion of powder and apply it under your eye, after that you apply your eyeproducts. The falling out eyeshadow will fall in the loose powder and if you’re done with your look you take your brush again and swipe it all away.

Take a loose face powder and apply it under your eye

When you’re done with your eyelook, some of the eyeshadow may have fallen into the loose powder. Swipe it all away with a brush.

You can also take a tissue or a business card and keep it under your eye, the eyeshadow the falls off will fall on the card or tissue, The downside if this trick is that you’ll need 2 hands and it’s just not a very comfortable way to work. But if you only need to keep powder from falling for a few seconds, for example when you’re using glitter, this does the trick.

This is a little uncomfortable if you’re working on your eyelook for very long, but if it’s just for a few seconds, this does the trick.

There are very nifty little things called Shadow Shields. They’re white arches that you stick under your eyes before you apply your eyeshadow. You remove them when you’re done and then the eyeshadow will be on the arches. It’s easy and practical but not as cheap as the previous tricks, a pack of Shadow Shields costs €8,95 in our country but you do get 30 Shadow Shields for that price.
But you can very easily make them yourself! Take a cotton pad and cut it in a half moon shape. Stick tape to the outer ends of the cotton pad and tape them under your eye. Hello homemade Shadow Shield!

How to DIY, make your own Shadow Shield. All you need is a cotton pad, scissors and tape.

Cut the cotton pad in a moon shape to fit your eye

And tape the cotton pad to your eye with tape. It’s that easy to make your own Shadow Shield.

That’s about it for now, I guess I ran all out of ideas to prevent fall out. I hope this has been helpful.

If you have any other great ideas then I’d love to read about them in the comments because it’s always nice to have some more ideas to prevent your eyeshadow from striping your face. 😀

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  1. Great tips Lisanne! I always tap off my brush and when using dark colors I always apply my foundation (if I use it) last, so I can clean fallout (if there) before the foundation….easypeasy 🙂

  2. Yeah een post over fall-out ;]] Goeie tips, ga ik zeker gebruiken, vooral de creme zo dik aanbrengen vind ik een goed idee. Thanks!

  3. Such a helpful post! I have fallout issues that make me neglect some shadows because they drop everywhere (I’m talking to you UD Midnight Cowgirl). I do the business card thing but will try some of your other suggestions, thanx!!

  4. Thank you so much!!! I dread using my Inglot Charcoal eyeshadow because I end up looking like a raccoon if I am not super careful with the eyeshadow fall-out. The more I try to get it off the the more I am “blending” it into my foudation. Lol I am going to try the cotton pad and tape for sure. ♥

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