Poll: which look for a tutorial?

Some time ago I did a blogpost about what look you guys would like to see in a tutorial. I don’t have time to do tutorials a lot but when I make one, I would like to do it for a look that you want to recreate. So I did a poll and a lot of people voted for their favourite look. So I wanted to try that again, let’s see what you’ll vote for!

I’ll first post pictures of all the looks that I’ll feature in the poll, if you click on the picture it will lead you to the blogpost so you can see more pictures of the look.

Lovely Limelight

Smokey Punk

Girlygirl with pink and blue

Smoldering Sunset


Royal Gold

Like a pink and yellow neon sign

Poison gold for Easter

Going to The Hunger Games

Inglot colour bomb

So here’s the poll. You can vote for your favourite look for 10 days and after that, I’ll close the poll and let you know the result and try to make the tutorial for the look that got most of the votes! 😀

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  1. haha that’s obvious.. 😉
    The pink and yellow neon sign! 😀

  2. Like a pink and yellow neon sign:D

  3. These are so pretty!! You should use Wayin though for your polls, unlike polldaddy, you can embed images, links and videos right in the poll, so there’s no checking back to look at pictures. We’re opening soon and it’s going to be totally free! E-mail me if you’re interested.

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