Unknown part 5

It’s time for me to empty my EOTD folder again, which basically means I’m going to show you some looks that leave me clueless about what I used for it or with what purpose. I sometimes make looks and don’t write down what I used and that’s always a mistake because if I don’t do it right away I’ll just forget it within the hour. But they’re usually still worth showing so that’s what I’m going to do.

The first look is a look I made for a shopping trip with my friend Wendy. We went to Eindhoven for some shopping and after that we had sushi in my favourite sushi place called Yammi Yammi. 😀

Looks like I used the Sleek Circus palette here, I think so because of the reddish pink colour and the purple. I remember using Gosh Holographic Effect Powder on the lid and the light colour in the inner corner is some kind of MAC pigment.

I remember wanting the look to work with my dress, which is striped red and black. I liked how cit turned out, although the Gosh holo glitters could be a little more blended.

The second look was in a folder called Junebug so at least I know I used Sugarpill’s junebug. And maybe a colour from Sleek in the Acid palette? It’s this army green colour that I think I can see in the crease. But I’m just guessing, really.

I like the little touch of pink in the inner corner though, too bad I don’t know what that is, lol.

I thought the first look was pretty cool, I’ll try some more stuff witt the Gosh holographic glitters soon. Any ideas on that? And what do you hink of the green and pink look? It’s pretty simple to me but I like it anyway.

Please let me know in the comments what you think.

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  1. You’re so pretty and I adore your looks!

  2. Mooi! Oh wat maakt je toch altijd geweldige looks!

  3. LOVE the first look! It is amazing with that dark lip color!

  4. The second look is pretty! In the close-up your eyes look a little flat because of the colours but then in the full face pictures your eyes really pop because of the colours. Pretty funny:)

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