Oh Katy!

Some time ago I got lovely lashes from Katy Perry in the mail from Kruidvat and I was so thrilled! I’ve been looking at them when I was in the store and they looked so beautiful. I wanted to make a look with these honeys and it turned out to be a tutorial.

It’s a very easy look and I used the 88 matte palette because people had requested that on Twitter. There’s also some Sugarpill in this look, I won’t let any chance go by to use some of those gorgeous products and this time I used Lumi.

Because I used false lashes in this tutorial, I made sure to write some tips and tricks on how to apply them.

So if you want to know how to make this look, click to continue reading…

The pictures are a bit yellow sometimes, the sun was shining really bright through my window and I didn’t have time to edit that all out but I’m sure you’ll still be able to see what’s happening on the picture. 😉

Start off with a clean eyelid.

Use a primer to make sure your eyeshadow sticks well and to prevent the eyeshadow from creasing. I used Gosh Eyeshadow Primer Stick.

Take Lumi from Sugarpill, this is a gorgeous white Loose Powder with a blue sheen. Apply this eyeshadow to your moving eyelid.

Now take your matte 88 palette and use this brown eyeshadow. Apply this to your crease, above Lumi.

Take the darkest brown eyeshadow from the palette and apply it to the outer corner and blend it upwards to meet the other brown eyeshadow.

Take a light eyeshadow matching your skincolour and blend it below the brow with the brown eyeshadows to make sure you don’t get any harsh lines.

Now use a fine slanted eyeshadow brush, I used this one from Catrice. This brush is really small and fine. Great to apply gelliner or, like I’m going to do now, use for black eyeshadow as an eyeliner.

Make a wing with the black eyeshadow and fill in the space between the eyeliner and the wing to give it a soft pin-up look.

Clean the area below the eyeliner with a cottonbud and some makeup remover if you want the liner to be very clean.

After that I used the same black eyeshadow below the eye near the lower lashline.

Take an eyepencil for your waterline. You can use a white eyepencil if you want your eyes to appear bigger. I used a black eyepencil to make the look a little more smoldering.

Use your lashcurler and a mascara. I use them before I apply false lashes. That way the false lashes stay cleaner which will allow you to use them more often.

You can leave the look like this, it’ll be perfectly wearable.

But I think it looks even better with some pinuppy lashes! I used these stunning lashes from Katy Perry. They can be bought at our local Kruidvat and they’re sooooo gorgeous and very easy to use.

The lashes include a sticker, lashglue and a booklet with good tips to apply the lashes.

Some tips on how to apply false lashes

  • Practice. Don’t expect this to work perfectly the very first time you do it. It can be pretty frustrating if you’re all made up for a big night and try to apply them that moment for the very first time. Do some test runs before you actually intent to wear them because it can be tricky to do this.
  • Make sure the lashes fit your eye before you start to apply the glue. Keep them near your lashline, they shouldn’t go all the way in to your tearduct or passed your eyelid, that’s uncomfortable.
  • If they’re too long, cut small parts off but don’t cut off too much at once. You’re better off cutting 2 small parts than cutting off a large chunk and finding out afterwards that they’re too small.
  • Bend the lashes a bit to make them more flexible and to make sure they follow the curve of your eye, this makes them easier to apply.
  • If the bands of the lashes are not black, I usually apply a little bit of liquid liner to them. It makes them less visible once their applied.
  • Put some lashglue on paper and apply it to the lashes with a toothpick or dotting tool. That way you don’t get too much glue on the band.
  • Let the glue become tacky for at least 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Apply the lash (I hold them with tweezers but if you’re afraid you’ll poke your eye out you can use your fingers) to your eyelid and aim to get them as close to your own lashes as possible but make sure they don’t get stuck to your own lashes.
  • Tuck in the inner corner and then the outer corner if necessary. Push the lashes down a little with the tweesers or a rosewood stick to make sure they’re close to your lashline and your own lashes.
  • Apply some more eyeliner or eyeshadow near the band if you want to, that way it’s less visible.
  • You can always use a lashcurler or some mascara if you want them to blend well with your own lashes. I usually don’t do that because if you use mascara you can’t “re-use” the lashes as many times and an eyelash curler can bend the false lashes in an unnatural curl and false lashes usually don’t curl back very well. But that’s very personal so find out for yourself if this works for you or not.

I’ll write some tips on how to remove them at the end of this blogpost.

After I was done applying the false lashes, I also added some Lumi on top of the black eyeshadow under the eye. That way it comes up blueish, very pretty!

Here’s the end result.

I think the subtile blue shine on the eyelid and the stronger blue colour under the eye look so beautiful with the brown and black tones. And those lashes are so beautiful! They apply really easy and I had them on all day and after getting used to the feeling they didn’t bother me at all.

I highly recommend these lashes, they’re absolutely worth your money. They come in different varieties, from soft and pretty short to double layered and very thick.

I used some soft blush and a pink lipstick with some lipgloss to finish the Katy Perry inspired look and I love the combination, I’m definitely going to wear this look with these lashes more often!

And here are some tips on how to remove false lashes

  • DON’T pull the false lashes right off. It’s the easiest way to do it but that way you really pull the delicate skin of your eyelids and (they say) your skin will lose it’s elasticity faster that way.
  • Use a cotton pad and some warm water and put it on your eyelid for a couple of seconds to a minute. That way the glue should become soft and you should be able to easily get the lashes off your eyelid.
  • Sometimes the glue is determined to stick. If that’s the case you can take a cotton bud and use some oil or oil based makeup remover and move that near the lashline where the lash band is. Give it some time for the glue and lashes to come loose. Don’t use force!!! (I really, really wanted to write “don’t use the force!” but I decided that would make me a geek. 😆 )
  • If you want the full story on how to remove glue and get your lashes back into oilfree shape, read *this* article, very helpful!

I had a lot of fun making this look and the tutorial and I hope you liked it. If you live in Holland you can get these lashes at Kruidvat for €7,99. I’m going to do some more looks with these lashes and if you have any requests, just let me know!

Please let me know what you think of this look and the lashes and if you have any good tricks on how to apply or remove lashes, leave them in the comments! 😀

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  1. That is amazing!! Makes me want to try false lases again and thank u so much for the deatiled tutorial, the pics help sooo much!

  2. Seriously am in love with how much precision work must have went into this.
    I’m honestly not to sure about the lashes even though they seem very photogenic. Were they obviously fake in real life?

    • I think lashes always look a bit too perfect, no matter which ones you use. So to answer your question with that in mind I think they look really good but you can almost always spot a fake row of lashes, and these are no exception. But I went shopping and met friends with these on my eyelids and no one commented on it so that says a lot.
      Because I got them for free I want to say “nooooo, they are true perfection!!” but when you look at fullface pictures of this look and another look where I don’t wear them, you can see the difference.
      I hope I’m getting across what I’m trying to say here. 🙂 Please let me know if you want to know more!

  3. wow, great tutorial!
    but i thought the greenish thing under the lower lashline was glitter, and then it turns out to be the precious Lumi on black!
    gosh lumi never cease to amaze me!
    and oh, btw the lashes looks great!

  4. Wow, mooie look! Niet te fel, daar hou ik wel van

  5. Wauw, het ziet er echt heel mooi uit! Mooie kleurtjes ook.

  6. Use the same mascara! ^_^ does that gosh liner stay on well?

  7. OH je spreekt nederlands! Haha 🙂 hoi!

    • Jep, ik ben hartstikke Nederlands, haha. Maar ik ben blij dat je dat niet direct uit de tekst haalde, wie weet lijkt het dan voor anderen toch niet dat afschuwelijke steenkolenengels als het in mijn hoofd is. 😉 Dusse…. Hoi!
      Ik gebruik heel veel Essence en Catrice mascara, vind het echt zulke fijne merken! De Gosh eyeliner is heel creamy dus goed aan te brengen maar daardoor vervaagt hij ook iets sneller.

  8. No, use THE force is way cooler!:D

    And this is very handy to know for future reference since I intend to use more fake lashes:)

  9. Super mooi! Verrassend die kleuren combinatie, en de wimpertjes heb ik zelf ook. Ze zijn fijn.

  10. Love this tut! I must get a jar of Lumi and try this look out! I also need those Katy Perry lashes!

    • You really should get Lumi, it’s awesome and you’d be surprised in how many looks it just works for that special detail. If you ever use lashes I highly recommend these.

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