It’s Darks, very darks

I really, really wanted to use my Sleek Darks palette but I didn’t get enough time to upload the pictures and actually turn it into a blogpost. These pictures were taken quite some time ago but who cares, I still like the look!
Remember I was all into mint green? When I showed you guys my new Sleek palette I wrote I was very curious to see if I could combine that minty green with some of the Sleek colours that just didn’t like they would go together at all, like Maple and Fern. So I took up that challenge and got to work.

The moment I combined that mint green with the brick red I thought it looked so awesome! Very unlikely, but awesome none the less. 😀

I also used some of the dark green to make sure the mint green wouldn’t start to look wirty near the red. Fern is such a very dark colour that it instantly became a very dark look. I like that though. 🙂

I also used some of the red colour in the crease, but just subtle to make sure it wouldn’t overwhelm the look.

I also used the rown lipstick I got with my Sleek palette. I was convinced it would look awful but I used it very light with a Dior lipstick on top and I must say: I think it doesn’t look that bad!

With a look like this I just wanted to wear my Guns ‘n Roses shirt, it just suits looks like these, lol. It became a dark look but I like it anyway, especially because it’s almost all matte colours and I wear a lot more shimmer eyeshadow but I always like these mattes too.

And the lipstick was a surprise to me, I might even wear this more often, I’m just going to see what else it combines well with, it might be a good one to make some of the pink lipsticks I have a little more dark. Time for experimentation, right? 😉

What do you think of this look? Do you like the colours together? Are there any other colours in the Sleek Darks palette you’d like to see combined? I made a vert dreen/blue look with it too, that blogpost will come online soon. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Products used


  • Gosh Mineral Eyeshadow Stick, Brown
  • Sleek Mattes Darks palette, colours Maple, Villan, Fern, Noir, Pillow Talk
  • Gosh Kohl / Eyeliner, Black
  • Catrice gelliner, Black Jack with Jack Black
  • Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara


  • No 7 Instant Radiance Foundation, Porcelain
  • Gosh Bronzing Shimmer Powder, Bronze
  • Gosh Natural Blush, Electric Pink


  • Sleek Lipstick, Café
  • Dior Lipstick, Brun Passion

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  1. Very pretty- as always. Love your hair style!

  2. Nice!! Love the mint-red going on here….

    • Thanks, it’s still a combination I find a bit strange but I’m going to try it again later with my new Love+ from sugarpill 😀

  3. The way you wore the lipstick looks great on you!
    I like the faded red in the look, it combines very well with the lipstick.

  4. Wow, echt zo mooi!

  5. It’s amazings, very amazings. 😀

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