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Tutorial: Smokey Punk

In *this* blogpost I asked you guys to vote for the look that you’d want to see in a tutorial. To my surprise the look that got most votes wasn’t the neon look but the Smokey Punk look.
It’s always fun to see what you want to see because as usual you didn’t pick the look I thought you would. I really liked this look and it’s not even such a difficult look to make, the eyeliner takes some patience but if you do that, it looks awesome.

So if you want to see how I made this look, click the link and you’ll get to see the tutorial.

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*CLOSED* Quick Twitter giveaway

Woohoo, I got 450 followers on Twitter! It’s pretty awesome to me to have so many followers in such a relative short period of time so I decided to do a quick giveaway for it. These are all products from our local drugstore

  • Gosh Click ‘n Conceal concealer pen, colour 02 Medium
  • Gosh Diamond Rock Eyeshadow Trio
  • Essence Colour & Shine Eyeshadow, colour 12 Milky Way
  • Essence Clear & Matt Foundation, colour Sand
  • Essence Mosaic Compact Powder, colour Sunkissed Beauty
  • NYC Eyeshadow, colour 912 5th Avenue

These products will be sent to you in a bubble envelope, no packages because that’s a whole lot more expensive for me.

How you enter:

  • Follow me on Twitter.
  • Retweet about this giveaway. It doesn’t have to be the same sentence but you can write something like “Follow @Lisanneblogt and RT about this giveaway and maybe you’ll win these goodies! “.
  • Giveaway is open internationally.
  • Giveaway is closed on the 4th of July.
  • You don’t have to comment on this blogpost but I sure do appreciate every comment I get. 🙂

If I reach 500 followers I’ll do another giveaway. 😀

Some Mochi lovin’

Since I got the Heart Breaker palette from Sugarpill, I wanted to do a nice combination with the gorgeous Mochi. That colour is so intense and vibrant and at the same time soft because it’s a bit pastel-ish. So I combined Mochi with other colours from Sugarpill but not the one from the same palette because those combinations have all been done.
I used this stunning matte colour with some of the sparkly loose powders from Sugarpill: Junebug, Lumi and Stella!

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Fancy schmancy

A weekend some time ago we went out to dinner, a very fancy dinner because we had a lot of money left from the festival and we love this place so we figured we’d use it to have another great night.
I had to work that day but when I got home I took the time to get dressed and made up. I wanted to do something pretty, not too girly and a little fancy and I wanted to keep my makeup light. Well, that failed because it came out pretty much smokey, lol.

Outfit pictures at the end of this blogpost!

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Elvis-snack-bit-balls, thank you very much

Some time ago I was browsing Pinterest. It’s such an awesome website that’s very positive and creative and you can find tips or tricks for almost anything over there. I love the recipes that I usually stumble into and that’s what happened with this recipe that I’d like to show you. They were called different and the ingredients were different so I just gave it my own twist with some new or other additions.

These little snack bits are great if you don’t feel like getting all your stuff out to bake something, they taste awesome and you don’t need an over for them! Plus you can throw anything in these so if you want to get rid of some leftovers in baggies, you can.

For example: I had banana chips, walnuts and cereal just standing there gathering dust in a cabinet and I emptied them all in a bowl and added the other ingredients. It’s that simple!

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