Fairy magic

I wanted to make another look with my Paperself lashes. I think they are just magical and so special but I don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear them. So I decided to make the opportunity, lol. I wanted to do something fairytale like with loads of sparkle and glitter and vibrant colours. As usual the look turned out quite different from what I had in mind, but I still like it a lot. And it’s most definitely sparkly.

I wanted to use my Sugarpill loose powders again, I was going for 2 colours and I used a lot more eventually: Goldilux, Junebug, Weekender, Hysteric, Royal Sugar and Stella were all involved in this creation and some Scaredy Cat pigments called Amanita and Hedgerow.
I really like the result, Yay for Paperself lashes!!!

I think the lashes on both sides of my lashline looked pretty cool. It’s a butterfly pattern but because of all the colour it emphasizes the fairy shape, at least that’s what it looks like to me. 😉

I like how the wings don;t lay flat on my skin but actually stand up. These lashes are a bit tricky to apply because they’re so thin (like paper, ha!) but somehow they still got stuck on the right way. 😀

I really like this picture too because you can really see the details at the end of the “wings” and the glitters. I added the rhinestones because I had just bought them in germany but I must say, I think they’re a bit too big. Maybe I’ll use them again but then inside the pattern instead of at the ends. We’ll see if I can find the time. I had a lot of fun making this look though.

What do you think? Enough fairy in it? What do you think of the lashes? Any good ideas for the rhinestones? Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. Yup, fairy fo sho, like the pretty blue skies and warm sun rays Ive been seeing lately, and yur lashes are the butterflies! Use the crystals for a Star Wars look!

  2. Beautiful!!! I love the lashes!!

  3. Looks like a load of fun 🙂

  4. Even though you only do one eye, I’d love to see pictures from a bigger distance with these special looks, to see how it looks as a ‘whole’. 🙂 (Sometimes I think I’d like to use looks like these to wear with costumes, but I don’t really know if it would work if I only see close up pictures, I hope you know what I mean. :D)
    But nice work, as always. 😉

  5. This is the first time that I consider your look a bit too much for a trip to the supermarket:)
    Love it.

  6. Wauw echt heeeeeeel erg mooi!!!

  7. super mooi! heel erg goed gedaan!

  8. Wauwie, again what a beautiful look! So much depth. And besides your obvious make up skills you take wonderfull pictures!

  9. Yes, Fairy all the way!
    I really like the paper lashes, they look adorable and they emphasize the fairy look even more!

  10. I adore your creativity, as always! And I’m also jealous of you, you always seem to have so much energy! This is awesome, can’t wait to see you do more of sort of make up!
    I have yet to try the paperself lashes, but it sure adds that extra to the look 😉

  11. Laura Fenton

    Love it, although totally impractical for the average woman on an average day. I myself would never get the chance to wear it, but I’d sure love too! One tip about the rhinestones…try to block out your eyebrows and use the rhinestones to recreate them in the perfect flared look.

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