Carrot cupcakes, they taste better than they sound

A couple of years ago my love and I decided we wanted to buy more biological vegetables and fruits. We got a weekly “bag” from Odin. You get your bag every week at local points that sell them and they contain about 4 or 5 kinds of vegetables and a paper with recipes for those specific vegetables. We’ve had this arrangement for about 4 or 5 years now and we’re still very happy about it.

But sometimes you get vegetables that you just don’t like, we don’t get that very often but a good example is carrots. We get loads of carrots and we don’t like them for dinner and eating them raw is ok but after about 2 carrots I feel like a rabbit and I get tired of it. So I was looking for a recipe to use them and I ran into a recipe for carrot cupcakes. With this recipe I could also use the leftover walnuts from nutmixes. I like nutmixes but don’t like walnuts so this recipe was perfect! I could get rid of the walnuts and carrots together, woohoo!

I used this Dutch recipe but I looked around and this recipe is pretty similar and in English so if you can’t read Dutch you should try this one. I figured some raisins would taste good in it so I added about 2 hands of those too. The recipe in English uses half butter and half oil, I used just the oil and it worked great, I think just oil is a lot healthier too so you can try that. I also used about 400 grams carrots, so that’s a little more and I left my walnuts in big chunks. But that’s just something you can change to your personal taste.


I used a little more than half of the batter for the cupcakes and after that I added, what we call, cruesli. They’re cereal mixed with nuts and dried fruits and you eat for breakfast with yoghurt. No idea what it’s called in English but if you know what I mean, please let me know. I thought it would be a nice touch and I didn’t want to make about 20 the same cupcakes.


They’re very spiced of cinnamon and I love that! You can eat them with the icing but I prefer them without, the icing is too much for me. I don’t like my cupcakes that sweet anyway, I like tasting more than just sugar. 😉

Do you ever try new recipes to get rid of ingredients that you just won’t use otherwise? And have you ever made carrot cake or carrot cupcakes? I’d love to read it in the comments!

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  1. Nom nom, looks delish to me! We might call the cereal muslei in the US? My signature recipe features carrots, its a pasta sauce! Want the recipe?

  2. I am very picky on the way I eat carrots too. I have made my first carrot cake last week, but it was too spicy. I liked the idea though so I will try a sweet version when there are carrots in my organic Vitatas (something like Odin). I also like carrot lasagne! it is so sweet and it doesn’t taste carroty at all 🙂

  3. When I got married I had this huge carrot cake- that’s how much I like them:)
    Carrot cupcakes are so yummy- especially when you put in some banana.

  4. I luvvvvv carrot cake ❤

  5. Pippi’s idea to put some banana in sounds delicious.
    I’ve never heard of Odin before but I do think it’s great to get good and clean veggies that way! I’ll look them up.

  6. Vind het leuk dat je steeds wat nieuws uitprobeert op bak gebied! Dit moet ik misschien ook maar eens maken, al klinkt wortel toch niet helemaal lekker.. Kijk uit naar je volgende bak – idee 🙂

  7. Love carrot cupcakes!!

    Made these one around Halloween, you should try them!

  8. no frosting??? they sound good, but i’d def add frosting lol

  9. That looks very yummie!

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