Oriental artsyfartsy

I wanted to do a look with these lashes for a long time but I just couldn’t come up with a cool idea for them, so frustrating!!

So the other day I just got them out of my drawer and looked up some pictures of Chinese art. I think Chinese art is so gorgeous and detailed and I just went with that idea and started doing stuff. I won’t post the inspirational picture because the end result I had doesn’t look anything like it and basically doesn’t have anything to do with it, inspiration like that most of the time just works to get me started.

I thought this picture looked really good. It shows the entire “design” and the colours work really good on it.

I used Sugarpill again, Goldilux is obviously in the inner eye corner and the green colour is Junebug. The red is a shimmery red colour from my Sleek Mediterranean palette called Sunset. But that red was too bright so I used some Gosh Effect Powder Gold Dust on top of it. Goldilux would totally overpower the red but because Gold Dust has a white powder as a base, the red still shined through. 😀

I like how this picture shows the lashes, they’re so gorgeous. A total pain to apply, I might add. The band is absolutely NOT flexible so the ends would not stick. If I tucked the inner corner to my eyelids, the outer corner would come loose and so on… It made me curse quite a bit, but in the end it looked ok. 🙂

Naturally this is not exactly wearable but that’s why I tag them as “extreme looks”, because that’s not the point of looks like these: I just want to have fun with shapes, colours and lashes.

I hope you like this look, please let me know what you think. I’m having more fun with designs like this that I don;t use to wear but more to just have fun so I think I’m going to do this a little more in the future. I also decided I’m going to blog about every other day. It gives me a little more peace in my head, not wanting to create something every day. Please follow me on your Bloglovin’ account so you don’t miss any updates and please, let me know what you think of this look!

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  1. For some reason, it reminds me of Cirque du Soleil, really beautifull!
    I like the picture, the one before last, the most. I think the shapes really come together on that one. 🙂

  2. Wow dit is gewoon kunst, echt heel gaaf zeg!

  3. Heel gaaf gedaan, de wimpers lijken wel drakenvleugels……..coooollll!!

  4. W.O.W It reminds me of the asian boat (junk??) going through the water… Really beautiful :o)

  5. It looks awesome ❤ It makes me think of dragons. I love the green with the red and the gold. The colours all go so well together.

    • Thanks, it’s so funny to see how different the reactions to this look are, some see dragonwings or dragons in it, others see japanese boat sails in it. 😀

  6. This might not be the perfect eye look to wear when grocery shopping, but what a lovely look it is!

  7. Unreal!!!! where can i get these lashes from?

  8. this is beautiful!

  9. I see a sort of Egyptian theme? That’s cool! Way to hold a steady hand and keep clean lines, I wish I could do that. practice practice….

  10. The last picture: If your eyebrows wouldnt look so real I would’ve thought that it was art on canvas or something like that! I absolutely love it!:D

  11. Amazing look! I just love it!

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