Smokey punk

Remember Josi? She’s awesome and she did a great an inspiring look some time ago called Violent Golds. When I saw the pictures I instantly knew she had been using MAC Young Punk. I don’t know if she used the new or the old version because MAC made this one for the first time in their Style Black collection some years ago and they made it again for their pretty recent Mineralized EyeShadows, but I have the old one.

And to my surprise I hardly use it, I have no idea why! Which is a shame because it’s so beautiful.

So I decided to use my Inglot Body Glitter (very fine stuff, more like a pigment) and some of my MAC products together. Here’s what happened.

That Inglot Body Glitter… I need more. MORE!!! It’s stunning, it’s very fine and duochrome and I just couldn’t stop looking in the mirror at that duochrome lovelyness. It shifts colour from an intense coppery colour to a very sweet pink. So stunning. And great to combine with Young Punk. I like how these products compliment each other.

This look made me want to use Young Punk with more colours. So next time I’m trying it with some Sugarpill, maybe even Royal Sugar, I bet that’s going to pop!!

What do you think of this look? Do you own Young Punk and with what colours do you combine it most?
Please let me know in the comments!

Products used


  • Hema Eyeshadow Base
  • Gosh Waterproof Mineral Eyeshadow Stick, Brown
  • Inglot Body Sparkle 67
  • MAC Young Punk
  • MAC Star Violet
  • Gosh Kohl / Eyeliner, Black
  • Catrice gelliner, Black Jack with Jack Black
  • Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara


  • Catrice Allround Concealer palette
  • Gosh Bronzing Shimmer Powder, Bronze


  • Michael Todd Creme Glace, Raspberry Glace
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick, Exotic

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  1. Your pictures, makeup…everything always looks so good!! 🙂

  2. Me likey!

  3. I really love the colour of that Body Glitter, and how it matches your lips!
    Be careful though, at the Inglot Store, they told me that the Body Glitters weren’t eye safe. If they are, then I definately want them, but I hadn’t bought them, because of that comment.

    • The very fine glitters like these apparently are, they told me. I need more! I’m hoping they sell them in different duochrome colours too.

  4. Your eyes really pops out with this colour combo! I love it. And they eyeliner is just fabulous! I must try some of that glitter powder out asap!

  5. Pretty as always. 🙂 I’m curious about the print on your t-shirt though…

    • Thanks 😀 The print on my t-shirt is from Wacken festival. I got a shirt from them years ago and “rebuilt” the shirt into a girly.

  6. This would be a top 3 fave of your looks I’d say, stunning, wearable and makes your eyes look like you are a princess from Lord of the Rings or something, awesome!!!

  7. Well, I don’t own anything like this, but I love the works of art that you make!

  8. Oh, I love Young Punk! This gradiance in your look is amazing! you are amazing!
    I really have to get a couple of these pigment and glitters by Inglot, heard so much good things about it!

    • Dearest Josi, you make me blush 😳
      I think you would definitely rock these glitters, can’t wait to see you try them on your blog!

  9. It’s such a beautifull colourscheme. I think I need a trip to Inglot:D

  10. olgiepolgie

    There’s so much depth here! I love how you blend the colours together.

    • Thanks, that’s also because the Inglot glitter is duochrome and it looks like it kind of adjusts to it’s surroundings. Almost. It’s Chameleon Glitter!!!

  11. looove this eye look! just used young punk the other day in a smoky, but i have the new one

    • I’ve swatched the new one and if I had the choice, I would have gone for the new one too. It’s way better pigmented. I bet it looks amazing on you. 😀

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