Rose gold lippies

I had been thinking about doing another experiment with a Sleek Pout Paint and some pigments. I liked the Smurf lips version I did and I figured it was time to see what other colours would be fun to experiment with. I just took my Port Pout Paint by Sleek and started adding gunk.

After that I added this firetruck red colour from 2B around the edges.

It turned out to be a little messy combo of colours so I added Rose pigment from MAC on top of it, I tried to keep the edges clear.

After that I added MAC Copper Beam even more on the inner parts of the lips. I wanted to still show that rose colour with the golden sheen on the edges.

Somehow I liked the golden sheen of the Rose pigment so I tried to get that a little more back by adding Sugarpill Goldilux to the very inner parts. It’s like I’m spitting gold, lol!

I have to say I like the picture above best. It shosw all of the colours I used and it’s not wearable but it looks cool. After this it was basically just down hill…
I patted Gosh Effect Powder Blazed all over the lips with a blending brush.

And I think I added some Cloud Pout Paint here. Doesn’t look good.

And then a golden lipgloss by Gosh. There are about 6 layers of product on my lips here and it shows…

Such a thick layer. I once heard Marilyn Monroe used a lot of layers of lipstick to make her lips look fuller and this is probably what that must have looked like. When you press your lips together it just feels like the stuff is sliding everywhere. IEUW!!

But I still thought it was fun to do. It’s nice to experiment like this and not knowing what’s going to happen but also not caring because it doesn’t have to look beautiful.

Next time I think I’m going to do something with Rhinestones, I just don’t know what yet, I’ll think about that. But if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. It gets more interesting with each layer you put on! I bet your boyfriend wasn’t very interested in snogging:)

  2. Bring on the rhinestones:D

  3. Would love to have seen you topped this off with some glitter too 😉
    I adore your creative spirit!

  4. i love it

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