Catrice Revoltaire nailpolishes

I have been raving about Catrice Revoltaire in yesterdays blogpost and I really wanted to show these to you but I had too many pictures so I figured I might as well write a separate blogpost about it. I can spread the fun over 2 blogposts, right? 😉

This polis is called Mission Lilac and is a very vibrant fuchsia. I honestly don’t get the name, it’s no where near lilac…

It’s one of those colour I personally wouldn’t pick out because I don’t do pink. But when I swatched this one I kinda liked it. It’s very girly and sweet and colourful. But I have so many polishes I like more so I gave it to a collegue who wears colours like these a lot and she absolutely adores it. It almost covers in 2 coats and it really draws attention to your nails. It’s a cream finish and it applies real easily so if you’re a pink wearing girlygirl this definitely is the polish for you.

This cutie is called Innocent Toxin. It’s a colour somewhere between yellow and neon green.

I don’t really have a thing for yellow-ish nailpolishes either. Not because I don’t like how they look because I do. I love that pop of colour a yellow polish can give. But as far as I’ve been able to find, there are not a lot of yellow polishes that cover the nail very good. And I’m simply too lazy to apply 3 or 4 or even 5 layers of nailpolish so usually yellow is a no-no for me. This one surprised me because it covers in 2 coats too! Application is a bit streaky and bit on the thicker/goopy side.
What I really like is the colour, very undefinable because it’s not simply yellow, it hangs somewhere in between yellow, green and lime. And it has a green shimmer you can find in it. It’s not really visible so you have to look for it in the sunlight but it’s there and it’s very beautiful.

I got so many comments on this polish and everybody agreed it’s a very fun, vibrant cute colour that just screams spring and sun. Even though it’s not the easiest polish to apply, it truly is a must have if you ask me. 🙂

This colour is called Attracting Camouflage and it was the surprise of the 3 polishes though, I didn’t expect to like it on the promopic but when I received it I thought it looked so stunning in the bottle.

The first layer of this polish applied very easily, no problems with application with this one at all by the way. But it made them look nicotine brown with a shimmer. Not my favourite look…
The second layer also applied good but the polish just doesn’t completely cover and because I’m a bit lazy when it comes to polishes, I wasn’t going to do a third layer. I must say the first layer was a complete turnoff for me. The second layer made it a bit better and when you don’t normally wear colours like these on your nails it takes a little bit of getting used to. Even people around me commented it wasn’t the kind of colour they’re used to me by now.
It’s pretty much neutral with a beautytwist because of the shimmer and I like that but I’m not doing cartwheels over it yet, I don’t hate it either. Perhaps Attracting Camouflage needs to grow on me a little more.

I have to say it again: Innocent Toxin is a must have to me, but naturally an opinion like this is very personal. The other 2 colours are a little more mainstream than funky neon lime-ish Innocent Toxin. But I must say I like them all a lot.

All of these polishes era available at your local Kruidvat store and I think they’re definitely worth a trip.

So tell me, what polish do you like most? Do you go for the daring Innocent Toxin or do you prefer something more girly like Mission Lilac? Or do you like the sophisticated colour of Attracting Camouflage? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. I bought the first two and am still doubting if I want to buy the third one. It’s not my color at all but on the other hand it’s a near dupe for Illamasqua’s Bacterium so ugh I don’t know… I might just want it for that reason (Sad I know <_<)

  2. olgiepolgie

    They’re all such lovely colours!

  3. I bought mission lilac and innocent toxin and I love them both. Im still struggling about colour bomb polish. They do have a 1+1 on nailpolish at kruidvat so I might take another look. 😛

    • Oh really? Hmm, I might take advantage of that Kruidvat discount too 😀

      • Did you went back and plunder the racks?:p
        Im wearing innocent toxin now and although I love the colour the polish itself was goopy so I had some trouble with it.
        The colour looks different in all sorts of light. Right now it looks almost neon yellowish but this afternoon it was distinctly green. I love it:)

  4. My husband and nearly his whole footbaal team hated Innocent Toxin:) The boys considered Attracting Camouflage a bit dull and they will almost certainly think Colour Bomb is a bit girly. The other two polishes I have yet to try:)

    • lol, I wore Innocent Toxin to work and got so many compliments about it! Just goes to show: boys don;t always know what they’re talking about 😉

  5. Die groene <33 Ik ben verliefd!

    Zullen we elkaar volgen? Ik volg je al via bloglovin. 🙂

  6. And I love them all but that Innocent Toxin just blows my mind! Seems like you’ve got some awesome painting skills. I just got my micro marbles the other day so if I feel very creative some day I’ll try to do the fish egg manicure!

    • Nah, I have to really, really really concentrate to get my nailpolish to look kinda good. I’m so clumsy and bump my nails into stuff when I just painted them, it’s annoying as hell! 😉
      Ah, the popular fish egg manicure! It looks amazing but I just don’t see myself wearing it, good luck on it though 😀

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